27 Apr 2018

Medical Marijuana for insomnia?


Since a law was passed making it legal to use marijuana in CaliforniaI am wondering if it would be a good idea to try it in pill form oil form or otherwise to get a good nights sleepHere is a youtube video of a Doctor who uses it for her patientshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xMHwl4HSzQThanks



Hi HominaIt does relax you down normally,  so give it a go, just  slowly until you have what suits you.  Obviously I would suggest edibles over smoking and when buying it see if they suggest a dosage for  sleeping!Let  us know how it goes.Good luck.  Oh, oil is supposed to be the best!Jam  


Homina,it depends on the ratio of THC and CBD. The more THC the more relaxing, the more CBD the more anti-inflamatory effects it has on the body. These two are usually mixed both in the oils and dried cannabis.


Homina, everyone is different.  I use pound for a pound i.e. a  pound of marijuana (these are low quality leaves that would normally be chucked away) and a pound of butter simmered ror 4 hours. Then you let it cool, refrigerate until the butter has gone hard, skim it off the top and make some cookies.  If you are using buds, they would be stronger.Hope this helps.   If you are using solely for sleep, you may have to experiment as everybody is different.  Half to one cookie is enough for pain, sleeping probably more!  I also take sleeping pills when required, but I could use more cookies however I  try not to be too reliant on the stuff and I would go through them quicker!If you need more help let me know.Jam