ME pair appeal 'unfair NHS rules' High Court London

Two patients with ME are in the High Court in London today trying to overturn the NICE Guidelines for ME.

 Please click on this link TODAY to read about the cse, support them and raise the profile of the case in the news. bbc news online


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Wecome Cath, I see that you are new to CPnhelp but not to the world of Stealth Infections.   I will check out the eurolyme site.   I quickly looked at the article.  The term Robust package was used in defense ofr the rulling that has been brought for challenge.   Robust is about as definitive as the word Interesting, a space filler that sounds good.  This will be something to follow this challenge.  I wish them good fortune, ME is far from a phychologically based condition.  I can attest to the dramatic shift in my situation as a result of Stratton/Wheldon CAP treatment these past 20 months.  Perhaps you will set up a signature and share your story with us in a personal blog and stay a while.   Louise
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