lymphocytes and neutrophils

Anyone have low %lymphocytes and high %neutrophils? If so, how low and how high (and what was the reference range?) Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.   I've noticed some interesting correlations in my lab work....

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I know this is a very old

I know this is a very old thread...

I noticed too that my Lymphocytes % and # drop below reference range and the neutrophils % and # rise, while I'm at my worst, WBC also somewhat rises but it's withing normal range.

Those "attacks" of mine start with 1-2 days that I'm at my worst and I feel so ill that I literaly pass out/faint a few times, usually it's late in the night or a few hours before dawn. From what I noticed it's those two days that lymphocytes drop and neutrophils rise.

A period of about two weeks follows that I still feel smaller spells of fainting and passing out, at that period neutrophils and lymphocytes seem to return to normal but WBC still remain "elevated" within normal range. 

Some of my "normal" tests within a period of 1,5 years, in parenthesis is the reference range... all test values seem to be very close!

11/3/15  | 20/5/16  | 06/09/16

WBC 5.5 | WBC 5.4 | WBC 5.4   (4.5-10.5)

NE% 46.1 | NE% 51.0 | NE% 51.3  (40-75)

LY% 39.4 | LY% 34.0 | LY% 33.9  (20-40)

NE# 2.52 | NE# 2.77 | NE# 2.75  (2.0-7.7)

LY# 2.16 | LY# 1.85 | LY# 1.82  (1.5-4.0)

Here are some tests a few hours after my fainting/passing out/feel ill like dying episodes

       10/1/14        |  1/3/16  | 19/12/16

WBC 7.3(4.5-10.5) | WBC 7.3 | WBC 6.9   (4.5-10.5)

NE% 78.5(42-75) | NE% 72.8 | NE% 72.4  (40-75)

LY% 15.5(20-45) | LY% 19.5 | LY% 20.3  (20-40)

NE# 5.75(1.5-6.5) | NE# 5.31 | NE# 4.99  (2.0-7.7)

LY# 1.13(1.2-3.8)| LY# 1.42 | LY# 1.40  (1.5-4.0)

The last 3 years I had a total of 7-8 "episodes" Maybe some "henchman" finds an oportunity and creates havok, I don't know.


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Yes! I always do. I asked my

Yes! I always do. I asked my doctor about it, I can't remember exactly but he said its something to do with a chronically active immunei system. Apparently it's very common in those suffering chronic candida and food allergies (both of which I have). But I imagine the same stands for viruses and infection.

Interesting to hear there are others in the same boat. I've always been a little concerned about this. Oh, and my dr also says once you fix the problem and the immune system is no longer hyper-reactive the numbers normalise. Mine have been off for years and years though.


Thanks for bringing this up, I'm interested to hear others thoughts.

Hope you are well.

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Yes, I noticed this also.  I

Yes, I noticed this also.  I am a medical technologist and work in a lab so I knew this was not normal for me when my white count was elevated with a shift. I had 87% neutrophils and 11% lymphs at the time when I was feeling the worst.  After 5 months on antibioticsi the netrophils are at 50% and lymphs 38% and I am getting better everyday.  It is a slow process, but moving in the right direction.  I am finally just in the last week feeling very encouraged. 

FMSi 1999, CPni 2011, CAPi 2012: doxyi 100 mg BIDi, Azith MWF, 2400 NACi, 5000 vit D, ALA, Flagyli pulse recently relaced with BerberCap.                                   &n

mgard99~  Your response

mgard99~  Your response fascinates me.   I went back and looked over my labs for the last 8 years and compared them to my symptoms (I've kept track of all of this) to see if I could figure out my "herx" reaction better.  

I noticed that when I had labs run during my "herx" (or whatever you want to call it when I fall apart after antibioticsi); the neutrophils went high and the lymphocytes went low.  Once the neutrophils were 87% and the lymphs were 4%.  WBC was normal.

Other times, when I went through a falling apart time (without taking antibiotics) they would be 80/10.   The WBC would be normal.

And other times yet, they would be relatively normal, but the WBC and platelet would fall.  

So, I *think* what I'm seeing in my lab work are "herx" reactions to antibiotics, a chronic bacterial reactivation and a chronic viral reactivation.   I'll be discussing it with my doctors and look forward to their input.  

In Jan my neu/lym % was 71/18 which isn't out of the reference range of the lab I was tested at, but is outside the reference range of most other labs.  

I *think* when the lymph goes below 15 that is considered low.  

What do you consider to be a high and low neu and lymph count?


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Normal in our lab is 36-66

Normal in our lab is 36-66 for netrophils and 24-44 for lymphs.  My white count was always in the normal range, but was up to 9.7 and i always ran btweene 4-5, so i knew there was a problem and was having chillls and sweats, but couldn't convince a bunch of different docs that this wasn't normal for me.  I have recently been using a supplement called BerberCap.  I am having good results with this and think it deserves a look.  It contains berberine a barberry root extract(berberis aristata).   I am using it this month in place of my flagyli pulse and am very encouraged.  Google it and let me know what you think.  It is another story, for another day how i came to find this supplement.  I have  to get ready for work. Best wishes to you!

FMSi 1999, CPni 2011, CAPi 2012: doxyi 100 mg BIDi, Azith MWF, 2400 NACi, 5000 vit D, ALA, Flagyli pulse recently relaced with BerberCap.                                   &n

mgard~   Yes!   The same

mgard~   Yes!   The same thing happened to me once!   My WBC is always on the low end of the reference range, and once it went up to 10.3.  At the same time, my lymph % went to 13 and my neutrophil % went to 78.  And I had this unusual rash that I've gotten 3 times during this illness....a circular rash on my abdomen!     

I'll have to google the BerberCap.   Some time tell me the story behind you trying that.

Take good care and thanks for responding!!

Best, Timaca

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