Low Level Laser Therapy for neurological disorders

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It is a high-tech placebo.

"The Neuro is the world’s first transcranial-intranasal combination light therapy helmet system. It is based on the science of photobiomodulation, the utilization of photonic energy to stimulate cellular function in neurons. It directs pulsed near infrared light (NIR) to the hubs of the default mode network [ video ] (DMN) of the brain using optimally engineered light emitting diodes (LED)."

I am a neuroscientist and have published papers about the DMN. You will neither stimulate it by lighting into your nose, nor will it have any such effects on your health. It is just pseudoscientific nonsense talk.

If you want to try something better, try neem. That has at least some evidence-based science behind it.

EDIT (later), maybe I was too harsch because I read the last two links of your post. The first link (the paper) is scientific. You can surely try it. I will be curious about your results.

What is neem supposed to do Jacck?  Any references? I use it on my dogs as an insect repellant.  

I am prepared to give it a good trial and see if my ATP levels increase and give me more energy.  I've made a full physical recovery, but some of my cognitive functions could do with perking up.


Neem is something of a miraculous plant - it has antibacterial, antiviral, antimycotic, antihelmintic and immunomodulatory/immunostimulatory properties. It shifts the immune response from Th2 to Th1. Th2 is for fighting extracellular bacteria, Th1 is for fighting intracellular microbes such as chlamydia, viruses, cancer etc.

here is some compilation of studies





addition of neem extract capsules to the CAP might be useful, because it is not only antimicrobial - fights borrelia, chlamydia etc, but also boosts your own immune system to fight the infections.

There is only one scientific study proving the effect on chlamydia

A word of caution: because neem is immunostimmulatory (boost the cell-mediated immunity), I do not know what it might do with auto-immune disorders. MS is currently considered an autoimmune disorder (maybe provoked by infection). There are no studies. Neem should be safe for just chlamydia (without autoimmunity). With autoimmunity I do not know, probably nobody knows.

Hi Jacck,

thank you fo this interesting informations.

My MS was NOT an autoimmun disorder, it was an infection with cpn.

I´m healthy now, but your information might help others ,who are still fighting.

LG sphinx

 Wheldon CAP May 2008,   52  Tini pulses - stopped Nov.2013- Buhner´s protocol Dec. 2013 till  June 2014 - cpn free Oct. 2014

I feel that the Wheldon protocol is just one part of the equation. The other part is the immune system. The reason why people get sick with chronic chlamydia is primarily the fact that their immune system was not able to resolve the infection.

Chlamydia is a very clever bug. It inactivates the NK cells, NKT cells, apoptosis and other mechanisms that the body uses to get rid of intracelluar bugs.


What neem can do is to activate and boost the NK and NKT cells so that they can fight the infection again. There are many studies, which are probably too technical for people without medical education, here, here, etc

I feel that there has to be a better and more elegant way of beating the infection than relying solely on antibiotics. Boosting the immunity + antibiotics is much better.

Anyway, I have a friend who beat cpn solely using neem (it was not MS, just a chronic sinusitis/laryngitis). I am currently trying to do the same, but I have been using it just for about a week so I cannot give you a definite result. What i can say so far: My nose started running, my throat started burning, I got pain in my sinuses. In short, I have a feeling, the body is trying to fight the infection.

The Wheldon Protocol also names quite a few supplements that have immune boosting qualities.

People on here are fantastic in the manner in how they educate themselves and self learn what would have been technical factors in relation to studies.

When you are dealing with ones health it's amazing how you learn / ask questions and get things explained to you.

M.S. is in my view a direct cause of a cronic CPn infection,but I will conceed that Lyme and maybe other pathogens can add to this mystery surrounding neuro diseases. Why do some people find it harder to get better than others, well my view is that genes come into play then along with some enviromental factors and diet factors subject to that individual.

CPn finds the weekest link in your body that influences your course with your illness so that is why people get sick in different ways when infected with CPn..... well thats only my view.



The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

BTW, Irene

there is another thing you might try to regain your brain power and get rid of brain fog

you might try a water fast. I fasted for 10 days in the past and the results were marvellous. Here some references to studies. In essence, fasting promotes autophagy (internal cleaning) and increases BDNF (causes neurogenesis, i.e. creation of new neurons), it also boosts the immune system.

After you went through several hard years of CAP, a 10-day water fast should be a cakewalk. If you tried that, be sure to read something about it first, especially the refeeding period is crucial and is potentially dangerous (you need to return to normal food gradually)

just use google to search for "brain fog" and fasting


Actions of Neem are 

Alterative, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiseptic, antibacterial, 

antifungal, antiprotozoal, antimalarial, anthelmintic, bitter tonic, antacid, hypoglycemic

Traditional Uses of the plant are:


Inflamed skin conditions, and skin infections, Intestinal inflammation and hyperacidity, Clears mucus from the GIT and heals, fissures, haemorrhoids and fistulas, Chronic gut dysbiosis, Intestinal worms Diabetes, Toothache and mouth hygiene, Fevers - acute and intermittent, Lowers sperm count, Affinity for uterus and reduces inflammation there, Malaria, Peptic ulcers, Infusion as eye wash for conjunctivitis 


Wounds, boils, eczema, Scabies and ringworm, Head lice 



taken from Conversations with Plants Vol: 2

Information about Neem as an essential oil can be found here:




The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...