Lots of posts about detox lately so here is a link to a small portable - not too many $$

Submitted by luckypenny on Mon, 2015-03-23 19:05

Thank you for posting the link.  I have never seen that type of personal sauna.  I am still having a big challenge with heat and movement so I am not sure it would work for me right now.  But in terms of having a convient easy to use - at home option - this item looks like the ticket!



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I bought one of these recently and started using it four days ago.  I love it.  It would seem that I have great difficulty in getting a sweat going, but I have persevered and am managing a session most days.  Afterwards I notice that all the pain has gone out of my back, and that my metabolism continues to run at a higher level for several hours later.  Could it be that the CPN switches off the body fever response as an act of self preservation, and that by increasing the temperature, you incur die off? 

I'd be interested to hear of other members' experiences.  Irene