Looking for doc in DFW, Texas area

I just joined today after reading the site off and on for a couple of months now.  

I'm a 53 y.o. male with chronic hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels normal) symptoms for years.  Checked out by lots of docs who all shrug when asked for a dx.  Graves disease (autoimmune) diagnosed 4 years ago, and thyroid irradiated 3 years ago.  While looking for a cause of hypoglycemia, diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease (autoimmune), which seems to have run its course after leaving one of my eyes tethered from muscle scar tissue.

My Primary Care doc declined to look at CAPs.  Don't know where to turn, and am even considering self-medicating.  

Thought I would ask the forum if anyone knows of a Cpn-literate doc in my area (DFW, Texas)?

Any suggestions  appreciated.