long term abx with high IgE

I have been on Flagyl (pulsing i week, once per month), Doxy (100 twice daily) and Zithro (750 mgs per week), for over a year.  I take Dulera (200) two puffs twice daily and a nasal steroid for my sinuses once daily. I am stopping the Flagyl and Doxy for now at my Drs request to see where that goes. I'm a daily NAC user as well.

Three years ago, I contracted this Adult Onset of Asthma and inflammation issue out of nowhere. I never had anything at all even as a child. I was wondering if my high IgE count 1047 is telling me something. I still have a respiratory issue (obstruction, inflammation, can't climb stairs without heavy breathing etc.). I fought back a daily battle to a livable situation, but I'd LOVE to finish this battle...

Any ideas, thoughts etc?


Surely the high IgE is telling you something...but what?

IgE is not specific for allergies. Your IgE is so high that I would also consider other causes besides allergies, such as parasitic infections. The physiologic function of IgE is fighting parasites.

Did you have a differential blood count test? How high were the eosinophiles? I would also recommend that ECP (eosinophilic cationic protein) is being tested. The problem is that all these parameters can be elevated in allergies OR parasitic infections. And because doctors in the west normally don't know very much about parasites, they say it's caused by allergy. Have you been in countries where parasitic infections are common or are exposed to animals?


I've been tested for parasites - NONE were found. Eosinophiles have been high in the past, but I don't know if I've ever had the ECP (eosinophilic cationic protein) tested. What would that indicate? IgE just dropped to 847 30 days after the 1047 where it's been hovering for years...Inflammation that causes flem and conjestion and respiratory issues has been raging for three years now. It's under control after 18-24 months of Doxy, Zitro combo and Flagyl pulse once a month. Doc wants me to stop all but Zithro to see what happens...so far it's no change. Still have an air blockage that keeps me from running or climbing stairs etc...


IgE, eosinophiles and ECP are all parameters which would indicate an allergic process or a parasitic infection in the body. In contrast to IgE, ECP indicates an acute process. What I would do in your case (you need a medical lab in your region): If you have acute problems like breathing issues, then I would get my blood tested for ECP and histamine. If the values are high, it's a strong hint that your breathing problems are caused by allergy. If they are normal, probably something else is the cause (e.g. Cpn).

Maybe it makes sense to look more deeply at your lungs. There are several possible methods, talk to your doc. There is also a method to look inside the breathing system and to draw samples from inflammed tissue and then to search for pathogens in it etc. Maybe MRI is also helpful, because parasites are difficult to detect by antibody testing in blood. There are so many parasites, nobody can test alltogether. In my opinion, high IgE with high eosinophiles strongly points to allergy or parasitic infection. I've not heard that a bacterial infection can be the cause for that.

Might want to rule out mold exposure. It's a horrible complication if you have the bad genes for detoxing mycotoxins. I know, it hit me like a freight train after I did a long treatment for Cpn and Lyme. There is an online visual contrast test you can take that can give you a clue. It's on www.survivingmold.com.

check it out,


Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpn. CAP since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NAC,BHRT, MethyB12 FIR Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath

Hi BernieM

My ige was 1807, hyper ige syndrome if you like, cpn is a parasite, have you been tested for it?, anyway hyper ige is an Primary immune defiency, mine is dock 3.missing gene, also dock 8 is another one, treatment is anti biotics, also i have MBL defiency, only 5% of population have low mbl,,it makes you prone to infections,,, mines is sinusitis, undoubtledly caused by the parasite cpn.. hope this helps.  let me know if you need anymore info on it.. Robert

Bernie, I've forgotten the most simple thing: Did you ever take an antihistamine drug like cetirizine? If this gives you relieve with your breathing problems, they are most likely due to allergy. If not, then not ;-)

I got (still  have) higher IgE for 5 years (since 2012) at least as far as I know from blood test. 

Test 2012:

Eosinophiles - normal, IgE - higher, HDL - lower, ASLO - higher

and also had negative antiparazite tests for toxoplasma, anaplasma, borelia

Then doctor prescribed me anthihistamic (Zyrec, Xyzal etc.) i felt little better. Anyway I went to another doctor for my persisting health issues with upper respiratory... anyway I have no alergy (tested against most of alergens).

Test 2016:

Eosinophiles - little higher, IgE -little higher, HDL - lower, ASLO - higher
found IgG for Toxocara canis parasite with high avidity... So it looks IgE could point to parasite in the body even for long period of time! Try to get tested again for more parasites... or you can just try antiparasitic treatment (kind of expensive!) ...

Never give up, keep finding...