Living with chronic pain: things I've found helpful

Submitted by Twickle Purple on Sat, 2008-06-14 17:13
I want to share a some things I have found helpful.

Bedding. Anyone with all over body pain should try Bamboo sheets. They are so light weight and airy that they can help alleviate pressure/weight from bedding. I have to create little 'tents' at my feet because the bedding weight (even from just single layer sheets) over my toes is painful. As well, I toss and turn all night because staying in one position too long is painful. The lightweight silkiness of these sheets address both of those problems. There is nothing softer on the skin, it will feel quite decadent and there is none of the slipperiness or static of silk. They wick away moisture, always feel lightly cool while keeping you wonderfully warm at the same time. Be sure to get 100% bamboo, and also consider trying silk/cotton blend pillowcases if you are prone to an overly warm head at night. I also recommend the silk stuffed duvets if you have heat regulation issues, these are also super lightweight and hypo-allergenic.

Beverage glasswear. There are times when lifting and holding drinkware is very difficult. Cup handles can be bruising to my fingers and I'd taken to holding my drinking glasses with two hands. My hands hurt and are weak, even the 2oz addition in the new Denby teacups is intolerable (we weighed them, it felt like a pound was added to these tiny cups!) and I avoid them, I will rummage about for the older ones. I now use just Bodum drinking glasses and handled glasses for hot beverages. You can get these with additional insulated layers but I like the single layer. These are temperature safe borosilicate glass and are supremely lightweight, and I can often easily manage large glasses and mugs with rarely a wobble. It feels quite delicate compared to the typical drinkwear but holds up very well in dishwashers.

Exercise: Over the years, physical activity has pretty much become an impossibility. Even if the energy is good enough it only brings more pain and exhaustion. My joints ache, my muscles ache, I am weak and the last thing I want to consider is exerting my poor body. But I know I will degrade more if I do nothing, so this week I bought a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine. It is quite amazing. There is no exertion, no stress, no real effort at all. The machine takes me through the entire workout and within 30 minutes (10 minutes of workout with rests between sessions) I am good for a couple of days. 10 minute workouts, three times a week is what is recommended. The benefits are HUGE. (Here's another link: I feel pretty pooped for the rest of the day and I tingle all over, but not uncomfortably so. It feels like I've had a great workout but I have no pain from it at all.

I hope someone finds these tips helpful. They've each made a QoL difference to me.

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I know the above may not be what people think when they see the thread name, I didn't know what else to call it though.  The adjustments in choices I find do make a difference. Living with this is so much effort that to find something that takes less effort or causes less discomfort is a cause of celebration for me. 

I will post anything else that gives me that "woohoo, that's better" kinda lift.

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 Bamboo sheets are the best invention ever made for sleep. I love them. I plan to have an entire bamboo set when Im done rebedding. I think they are also antibacterial.


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I had to google the bamboo sheets as I had never heard of such a thing.   All the reviewers on the web rave about them though, so I may have to give them a try.  Thanks for the suggestion! 

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You can't lose with these. They make for a more comfortable sleep and I'm waking up less often. I stayed in bed the whole weekend after I got them, not by choice but I didn't mind so much because I was quite comfy while feeling lousy at the same time. 

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Corinna, I finally got to what LLLT (that you mentioned on another thread) is.  Is is low level laser therapy?  Or Low level LED therapy?  I would be interesting in your write up on it when you are ready and any of your other energy device explorations and investigations.  So glad that you joined us.

When we cleaned up the bicycles, I also found the rebounder (thankfully, I had returned it to it's box for storage in the garage so not so in need of cleaning attention.   Have not set it up yet, not as high tech as the wholebodyvibration machine but some similarities, it jostles you around, moving lymph etc.  It does require balance, which I can say once again to CAP I can now stand on one foot for a MUCH longer period of time now. 

Please keep giving us reports on the WholeBodyVibration Experience.  I know that there are folks that swear by the passive movement of the Chi Machine too.  Maybe we will hear from some of those folks.

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Dear Louise, you are very kind. I know the site is primarily focussed on the details of getting better but it is the kindness that gives me a lift almost as much as good medicine does. To be touched on an emotional level is to feel that we are not alone. You always have a supportive word and thoughtful comment. Thank you very much for that.

I am interested in how you make out with the rebounder. I think my balance and muscle tone is so bad that I would fall at the first opportunity.

I will post more about Low Level Light Therapy (LED) and what devices I use for my skin and for my deeper tissues. In the meantime, here's a quick link to a broad overview with reknowned expert in the area of healing with single frequency light, Dr. Tiina Karu, and here's a quick link to a study on TNFa reduction with LLLT.

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