Live chat room

Hi, new user to this site. As an improvement, a live chat option would be excellent.  I have alot of questions and if people can quickly answer questions and quickly share info it will be a great benifit to everyone here.


Live chat was disabled several years ago.  We tried it a few times, but the delay was significant enough to be very frustrating and it slowed down the site significantly for other users. 

There's usually someone online here, no matter which time zone, so your questions should be answered fairly quickly.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Aussie Guy--I hear you.   You sound like a smart guy who knows how to get the job done.  

A few comments--I know that you weren't asking for all of  Tomorrow I need to actually work.  lol  But I do have some thoughts from my many years of research.  It can be maddening and a huge use of my time.

Regarding the time issues--many folks will refer you to search the site.  Also, some  check email in the AM or PM.  If you are on a  certain subject we might be able to help speed up your research.

Most all of us understand eye pain and the flip flip flip of pages on the monitor can be tough.  Have you learned how to increase the size of the font on your screen?  Sometimes on keyboards or mouses.  But a quick search on google can help pin down your exact system solution. I suspect you are way past that.  I use it all of the time since.....I am getting older.  lol  Dang.

I see that you are newly diagnosed and trying to make sense of this whole situation.  It can be overwhelming.  But we have hope that it won't always be this way and some things, like a puzzle, will start falling into place. 

With this illness--and everyone so different--it is a self guided tour over unchartered waters.  And then there is the battle with the doctors.  It is a journey of healing and each one goes about it their own way. I thought I would never study porphyria, EB's etc. and oh man all of the rest!  See--I never wanted to know these things--I didn't volunteer for this illness....other things I would like to learn and read about.   

There is no straight fast line--or even an efficient or respected one.   Even if you have a sypathetic doctor they are only one small piece of your puzzle.   No preestablished belief or system--like diabetes for example.  What I would give for an accurate test to check Cpn levels!  One day. 

 We are on the edge of new medical science and we are not waiting the 10 years or more for it to be accepted into regular practice.  New medical information is.....slow as molasses to get into practice. 

This is a different medical model and it is a work in progress by folks like the Wheldons who, most likely, volunteer most or all of their time to the work.  We are grateful.   Also for all of the regular contributors--you know who you are--and the techie folks. Amazing.  

So--not sure if this helps.   I recommend the blogs.  Some super smarts here who have gone before you about their journey....looking forward to seeing yours.  :)  One day you will be the inspiration that someone on another continent will appreciate.  But it takes time.

Katherine (who has her life back through Wahls diet--now looking at conquering Cpn)

23 year old son recovered from autism.  YAY!  :) 

PS....I have grown to accept that the study, the massive life changes and the constant challenges are part of my recovery.  I have to use my brain in ways it was never used before.  "All discipline, for the moment, is painful."