Lecture on bacteria and their path to antibiotic resistance.

A link to a bint giving a lecture on bacteria and the path antibiotic resistance.


As most of us here are taking antibiotics, it'll make an interesting watch to those that have the time watch it.




Very interesting presentation Supaguy.  I like the quote from Alexander Fleming when he says that bacterial resistance is caused by underprescribing of dose and duration.  So glad there are some combinations around which treat gram negative bacteria.  Irene

Hey, Irene, although Fleming accurately predicted resistance way back when, right from the word go, the doctors didn't listen.  How often have I or other patients gone to their GP with an infection; been given a script for 250 mg of abx 3 x / day for five days.  When the infection has not been eradicated, the patient returns 9 days later with the same infection.  It is only then that the abx is given in sufficient volume and duration ... by which time resistance will have evolved.  Rarely is a swab ever taken to try and ascertain whether the correct antibiotic has been prescribed.  When I reflect on how antibiotics have been prescribed in the past, I kinda think it's a bit like picking out likely winners in the 2:30 at Cheltenham.  And the bitterest pill of all is that the blame for this evolution is placed squarely on the shoulders of patients.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Not only have we evolved out of bacteria into more complex life forms, but there is this eternal struggle of our immune system and microbiome against these rapidly evolving bugs.  Right now we are doing what we can to win the struggle.  Irene