LDN and stopping CAP

I have read several times here that the problem to stop the abx is because of the lack of immunomodulation when stopping doxy. I got the idea if LDN can help with the immunomodulation. It has immunomodulatory properties. I stopped taking it several month ago I can't remember exactly when it was. I simply felt it did nothing for me so I stopped taking it naturally without planning. It seems doxy is enough for me. But I may come back to it in the future when I am in the point to stop doxy. I think it should work and it could be "a crutch" to manage the period after the stopping abx.

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It strengthens and normalizes the immune system, helping reduce M.S symptoms, preventing relapses and stopping progression. LDN does not work for everyone, but with its cheap price tag and almost non-existent side effects there's no reason not to try it. If your doctor won’t prescribe it, there are other ways to obtain LDN (http://www.webspawner.com/users/howtoobtainldn/index.html).

LDN eliminated my hypersensitivity to allergens (before LDN, I had to wear a mask every time I left the house), helped reverse a number of neurological problems and made me less prone to infection.

MSmom, If you hover your cursor over the little "i" to the upper right of many of the words here, you'll get a little definition, or explanation, of the term.

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When my question about LDN was actually posted here, the little "i" appeared in the post and i realized i could have gone to the glossary to find the definition, but it was too late.  "Little i" or not, the next time I have a question  about a treatment item, i will go FIRST to the glossary to find it.

Anyway, The glossary is VERY helpful; I use it often AND I appreciate your helps and suggestions . I feel like you keep a watchful eye on all the comings and goings here. Your knowlege is priceless. Thank you! 


B - You're sweet to say it, but on this one, I have to admit I point people to the little info-indicator because I didn't even know we had it for at least a year into using the site.    I think I only discovered it by accident myself.  Wink

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

You know, neither did I!  I just got rather annoyed at all the superscripts that I needed to remove if doing a cut and paste reply

However, Evita, I think the only way that you will know if LDN works as an immunomodulator when you eventually stop antibiotics, is to try it.  An alternative for imunomodulation is to carry on taking doxycycline by itself.  I see on ThisisMS that neuros who prescribe minocycline for this purpose and often in smaller doses of 100mg a day or even 50mg: it depends on how much you need.......................Sarah

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Sarah, I know you never took LDN. But I took it also when I wasn't on abx. It did much for me. At night I almost jumped out of bed and I had to catch the rothoped not to fall on my nose because I didn't wait I could get up so fast. Also the next day my walking was better. With abx it was different. But I have it and I will try it sometime when I stop abx. If it helps somehow, why not. If it doesn't help I will stop. I am too lazy and too sleepy in the evening to prepare something that won't help.

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