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Submitted by texasguy on Mon, 2012-02-27 04:33

Looking for doc in SE Texas to start on the protocol.   I have done a lot of research on this and believe it makes the most sense of anything I have read in the last 24 months since I was diagnosed with MSi.   Would love to find a doc in Beaumont, but can travel to Houston or beyond if I have to.   I have had slow progression for two years since dxi/and start on copaxone that I don't think has done anything but make me feel worse.   Would love to get started on protocol ASAP.   Hope someone out there can point me to a regional doc, but I am willing to go wherever I have to for this.   Thanks for any help provided. 

Check you email.... We have to keep these things quiet or the cat will be out of the bag!!!!


Started CAP on 06/29/2010 for RRMS. Dx w/ Brevundimonas Vesicularis in Jan '11 hiding in #20 tooth with root canal. Extracted 04/04/2011. Clinically dx with Bartonella at the same time. Recently found MPn.

Abx: 100 mg Doxy bid<