L form of strep

has anyone had a diagnosis of chronic strep? If so what treatments/protocols were you treated with.

I had recurrent acute strep as a kid (many years prior to getting CFS, though even then I was not the most vigorous person). I recall they mentioned something about me being or possibly being a "carrier." I'm not sure what that means. I've also heard in a university lecture that S. pyogenes is often carried asymptomatically - by ~10-15% of the general population - I don't know if that's what's meant by a carrier.

I haven't really looked into this subject.

However I am aware (if I recall correctly) that recent research has suggested that chronic carriage of latent bacteria in the bladder, which periodically reactivate, could be the cause of some peoples' recurrent acute bladder infections - as opposed to the person simply being freshly reinfected over and over.

Eric, does that mean you're the "strep Eric"? - like the "typhoid Mary" - which, of course, means all the children with recurrent strep are also "strep-children".


Rica PPMS EDSS 6.7 at beginning - now 2. Began CAP Sept, 2004 with Rifampin 150 mg 2xd, Doxy 100 mg 2xd, added regular pulses Jan 2005. Jan 2006 switched to Doxy, Azith, cont. flagyl total 49 pulses NC USA

3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

I had a bad case of Strep Pyogenes back in 2005 (blood titre something like 450 c.w. 200 max). I know it can be a minor annoyance to kids as a bit of sore throat and the like, but it can also be quite a monster if it gets out of control. The consultant at the time, told me it was an opportunistic pathogen that hides in the tonsils and pops out when something is wrong in your life.

My case started  with a bit of weird sore throat, but I ended up in bed with sweats, severe limb pains, delirium and total loss of voice and the starting of skin probs.

I understand that left untreated it can lead to nasty complications, like Scarlett fever,  permanant heart damage or death in a relatively high number of cases. I think it can also go toxic shock. I also recall reading a paper that listed Step Pyo as an emerging  chronic infection leading to neurological loss of limb function.

So all things considered, if its all the same Eric, I shan't be asking you over to share tea and biscuits.

 :  )

Dar (UK): lower back & limb pain & GI probs from 2002. Diagnosis: chronic radiculopathies (MRI/Nerve Con), Chronic Lyme Borr (Igenix and LDR), Vit D abnormality, and the labels ME/CFS and FMS, etc,  suspected Cpn, EBV, possibly Bart.

Dar (UK): Severe lowback & limb pain (distal), GI probs. Dx: chronic radiculopathies (MRI/Nerve), Late Neuro Lyme Borr (Igenix/LDR), etc.  EBV, Vit D ab,  ME/CFS/FMS, etc. Cpn by DFM. 600 mg NAC, 40 mg omeprazole. Trying to add Dox

Well, I don't know if there is any connection here (I have always thought, "yes"), but my teenage daughter had 6--yes 6-- bouts of strep last winter before being diagnosed with lyme, bartonella and chronic Cpn. Everytime she would go off abx it would come right back, and this was after treating our whole family and even her boyfriend. Furthermore, she became more unmanageable, erratic, irritable with certain abx (ZITH!) and in hindsight and knowing what a typical herx reaction is for her I am now certain she was herxing. I just sort of thought that possibly her depressed immune system from multiple infections was allowing another inroad for the strep. She never had strep infections before last winter and this winter.........not a strep infection in sight! Lexy --------------- "Chance favors the prepared mind." --Louis Pasteur Husband treating MS with CAP
--------------- "Chance favors the prepared mind." --Louis Pasteur Husband treating MS with CAP