Just tested positive for Cpn, lots of questions


Hi.  First, THANK YOU so much or this forum.  It's been so educational!

I have a few autoimmune diseases that I am trying to put into remission.  I recently switched doctors, and my new doctor ran a number of tests to look for hidden infections and viruses.  The results came back with Cpn IgG=1:512 (I had pneumonia in 2009, but exact type was not identified).  My doctor suggested I start taking 2400 mg of NAC, to see if I saw flu-like symptoms. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any symptoms at all.  

Also, I haven't seen any questions about nodules or scarring in the lungs.  I have some nodules from when I had pneumonia.  The doctor monitored them, but even though one nodule has grown slight (5mm to 6mm) and there are a few additional nodules, they don't seem concerned and don't feel further monitoring is necessary.  

My question is, do I need to treat Cpn, if I'm not reacting to NAC?  Given the titer levels and the lung nodules, I would think it's active, but the NAC response is throwing me off.

Lastly, more of an FYI...I'm a big fan of Dr. Amy Myers, and her book "The Autoimmune Solution" (recommended read).  Dr Myers identifies Cpn as commonly associated with MS, and stresses the need for antibiotics.  She also recommends taking both caprylic acid and Candisol while on antibiotic protocol, to keep yeast overgrowth under control.  


My reaction to NAC was minimal (runny nose and a vague feeling I might be coming down with something).  If I wasn't looking HARD for some reaction, I'd never have noticed it.

Treat your cpn infection now. 

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My reaction to NAC was exactly the same as Mac's, although I didn't start it until over a year of antibiotics, but my reaction to those was instant: I took a whole day's worth of doxycycine one evening and three hours later I stumbled up the two flights of stairs to bed, calling out to David, who was reading in his study, "I've got to go to bed, NOW!" ...................Sarah

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My first reaction to NAC was also minimal compared to flagyl 

But I definately remember a reaction  a mild die off feeling

This happened a second time when I went off the antibiotics and NAC for several months and then started taking NAC again.

After that initial reaction (one day)both times I don't notice anything when I take NAC 

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