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Submitted by horses12 on Thu, 2009-06-04 09:49

I thought it has been some time since I gave an update to my progress. As I sit here trying to write my update, I feel disappointed in myself that I have not pulsed and moved forward with more improvements.

It began with elevated blood pressure and chest pressure and then I started having difficulty in walking. This made me conclude I have some kind of vascular issues that were getting worse on the antibiotics. I started with Diovan as need for when my blood pressure was out of control , but then my feet started turning red and blue.

blood work done and established my genetic defiect for a coagulation issue and my cpk levels were up to 480. This could explain my problems with walking and muscle pain in my legs. I took heprin shots for a week and that seemed to reduce my fibrin load. Now the course of treatment is to try sildenafil citrate and see if things improve. My doctor also said I could try low dose nitro if I felt better. 

Today is my second day trying the sildenafil sitrate and I do feel a great deal better. Oh, by the way if you look up sildenafil citrate you will find it is better know as Viagra. My husband got a real kick out of this idea........if he only knew.

I am thinking of seeing a rheumatologist but am afraid it my add to many more issues at this point. Not sure what to do at this point except try the viagra?

Hope I can start back on the antiibiotics again as soon as possible.

Thank you all for reading.








Hi bonnie, sorry that things havnt been so well for you. How are your chloresterol levels? Im just wondering because maybe that is attributing to vascular problems. CPN is so nasty when its in the blood vessels, IMO one of worst places to be symptomatically. Hoep you can get back on abx soon.







I have had circulation issues from Cpn infection. My doctor put me on the Nitro patch and my circulation has improved in my feet--no longer turn purple if I sit for a long time. Nitric Oxide is also supposed to be good for fighting infections. It is hard for some people to get used to. Start slow and sip a caffeine drink if you get a headache. Pomegranate juice also raises Nitric Oxide. Raven

Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpn. CAP since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NAC,BHRT, MethyB12 FIR Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath

Raven, you are always a bounty of inforamation.  I have been looking around for capsules of sulphur containing substances such as allimax and also looking for powdered onion and broccolli.   Seems that sulphur containing foods enhance glutathione production.  I also saw a reference to a capacity of onions to act as a blood thinner.  Bonnie were there any dietary restrictions when you were on heparin?  Have you been offered coumadin?  I had not heard of that off label use of Viagra.  I hope it works well for you.  We are all looking for our particular formula for balancing our tendencies.  

I am still working on my liver enhancent issues.  My abx vacation did bring my levels down but not within the range of normal.  I had a glutathione IV tx last week and he mentioned that it could be quite a while to get to the reference range.  I do not have that kind of time, although I do feel physically OK off abx now 4 months.  Too long in my estimation and I will be negotiating start next week I will be also starting the Redisorb Glutathione drink to replace the IV therapy.   If I could have the IV daily it would feel great and like be very helpful, everyother week it is just tease I think, with energy improvement noticeable for several days only.   For some reason I think you have had gutathione IV tx, do I have that right? And if so how did you notice them?

At times I feel like a walking bio-chemistry experiment.  And all the same, I am most greatful for all the information I have available here to help sort out my decisions. I think you feel this way as well.  Gratitude is powerful perspective, we will get weller yet!   I am so glad that you are sorting out your concerns and getting on with treatment, you seem to have an amazingly brilliant provider your team.!  Louise



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Well my fellow cappers,

 Needless to say this has not been a walk in the park, although it makes it a bit easier to have others who share your concerns and treatment.

Let me resond to some of your questions;

Clammed, My cholesterol levels have been fair except for my lp (a) up to 27 and normal range is less than 10. Otherwise I think the cholestyramine has been a help.

Raven, I sure do miss California at times, It would be helpful to meet with Dr. P on many of my issues. It wouldn't hurt to try Nitric oxide because my system could use all the circulation and oxygen it needs. I will try the pomegranted juice and is their anything else that has been helpful for your circulation problems?

Louise, Thanks for hanging in their with me as I never did get back to you like I should have. When I was on heprin I did have to supplement extra with calcium. The heprin caused the dam to break and let all the biofilms loose. It caused me to feel horrible at first and then more mobility.

I receive glutothione IV every three weeks and yes it helps a bunch. The first day the toxins are released and I feel run down but the second day my energy level is fantastic. Last week I was able to help my husband plant grass seed in the yard.

The effect is short lived because we soak it up so quickly. Their is a form you can have made by suppositories by your pharmacy. I never tried it because of the cost. I am sorry to hear your liver issues, keep me informed on how you are doing.

Thanks so much to all of you.


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Bonnie, i was peering over at that other site and i read a story about some folk with stenosis. Led me to discover that there is such thing as :

Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV) and Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA)

MRV and MRA examinations are similar to an MRI, but they focus exclusively on the venous and arterial blood vessels in the head and neck area. A strong magnetic field is used to evaluate blood flow patterns and blood vessel abnormalities.

In some cases, dye is injected into the bloodstream to improve the visibility of certain structures. A typical MRA and MRV examination takes approximately 10 minutes each to complete.

More info :







My husband's holistic cardiologist has him on Nattokinase - an enzyme which "eats" clots..rather than thinning [potentially clotting] blood, taking Nattokinase prevents the clots from forming. He also has to take one aspirin daily. He was tested for the genetic predisposition to clotting blood and does not have it, but he and his parents were all prone to clotting. Dr. James Roberts in Toledo Ohio, who is a board certified cardiologist and also takes the holistic and nutritional route whenever possible for heart patients mentions in his book "Reverse Heart Disease Now" that he puts many of his heart patients on Nattokinase or the much stronger lowers B/P and helps chest pain, etc. as well as eating clots. I would look into it. The thing about Lumbrokinase is that it's often used in treating Lyme and I believe Babesia, because it brings the organisms out of the fibrin where they "hide". But I would certainly read his book if you have any heart, clotting, b/p issues. He gives nutritional and natural suggestions to lower fibrin, inflammation, etc. and, although my husband has a regular cardiologist here in Chicago, and we have to travel to see Dr. Roberts, we do so once a year because my husband has never felt better since he has taken the suggestions of Dr. Roberts. I think he is worth seeing if at all possible for you. He is off all heart meds and feels great...his good health is borne out by his great test results. He also tested my husband for heavy metals toxicity and found extremely high mercury levels which he suspected when he looked into my husband's mouth and saw all the silver fillings, which actually contain more mercury than silver. Dr. R suspected that my husband's silent heart attack which was detected in a routine EKG was actually caused by high mercury. The mercury is out now, and he will begin chelation to get rid of the mercury. He has already taken regular cardiac chelation. He understands that stealth infections can add to heart and cardiovascular risk. Another thing we both take is something called "Circulation and Vein Support" which is a natural product that helps strengthen and make more elastic the veins in the legs so that the blood is pumped back up more easily. both of us have found that this has stopped our "heavy legs" when we walk long distances and you can actually see that the legs are not as thick at the end of the day, even if we do a lot of standing. This stuff is made by Pro Cap Labs (andrew lessman vitamins) Diana


Wow, you are full of fantastic information. I have not been checked for mercury levels and that is a good place to start. I have been given Nattokinase when I first started the protocol and you are correct ,I did feel much more improvement. 

The heavy legs are awful to say the least and cause me to have to constantly look for a chair to sit down because my legs feel so fatigued. I am going to look into the diffrent things you have  suggested, because to be honest, I DO NOT like being on heprin or Nitro if something else would work just as well.


Your my rey of sunshine today....thanks for the information



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