27 Apr 2018

For Jacquelinev


Welcome JacquelinevFrom your symptoms, you sound like "one of us".  Many of us have overlaps of your symptoms, but not all of yours but our own, in addition.  In other words, each of us comes with unique challenges. An amazing thing is that at least one of us - now much better - was also "allergic" to at least one, if not several, of the abx used here.  Have you taken NAC yet?  It is very important, as are the rest of the supplements on DW's list.  None of this is easy, but so many of us have - almost literally - come in from the cold, that I have to say - try it!  It will probably work!Ric


For decades, I was 'allergic' to erythromycin, therefore I was not allowed to take azithromycin, either.  I went and got myself specifically tested in an allergist's office, in order to learn if I could go on the abx protocol.  I drove poor Sarah, and my prescribing physician, mad with my worries.Shockingly, I found I was not, in fact, allergic.  My violent reaction to erythromycin many years before had been nothing more than the erythromycin doing its job and energetically killing my infection.If  you've been breaking out in hives since being diagnosed with cpn, I'm guessing that's a stress-related response, not an allergy.

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