27 Apr 2018

Itchy skin


Does anyone else get really itchy skin from the abx?   I am in my 4th month of CAP and just finished my 2nd metro pulse.  The itiching started about 2 months ago and it is getting increasingly worse.  At the beginning I thought maybe it was hormonal, but now it's all month long.  It's mostly my upper body, my back, arms, chest, and head.  I've tried switching soaps.  I've tried different moisturizers and oils.  I've tried epsom salts baths.  Nothing relieves it.  Anyone else have experience with this?  Is it die off?  Does it go away?Thanks,Sue


Yep. I get the same thing. It's at it's worse when I'm stressed. Part of it I think is from the toxins leaving through the pores. I've found no solutions. I just grin and bare it.

I think that Jen must be right here beause I had extremely bad itching quite often whilst on antibiotics, never had it before starting but still get it sometimes now............................SarahA Journey through Light and Shadow 

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Hi Sarah- I was interested to read this comment as I suffer from very strange sensations which are worse when I'm on the abc. I had difficulty describing them-but reading this makes me think it is like an internal itch which comes in waves. For example last night in bed I couldn't sleep for ages as I was suffering-I thought it was the toxins. i find these feelings quite frightening but at the same time I take them as a good sign I.e the antibiotics are working !Keep wellBerni

hi everyone- does the antibiotic protocol cause parasthesia ? I never had it until I started the antibiotics.thanks,Berni

Epsom salts in the bath might help.

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Yep i get the same itching In the same places head back arms tummy.... Not sure if related to abx or ms. I find my skin been more sensitive to cold or touch and i guess any minor itch feels like a big itch.  the only thing is working at the moment is E45 itchng cream. 

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I get it on my scalp and my hair gets dry and comparatively straight. (also gray) It reversed itself (except the gray) during the months I stopped CAP. Just ordered yet another shampoo and conditioner. The search goes on.

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