It costs not a penny more to laugh.

Nearly 18 months ago, I was given a small foldable power wheelchair by one of the members of this site. It has been very useful and much appreciated. Its design is more suitable for the flat corridors of a hospital or clinic. It is not so suitable for outdoors at all. I have actually been thrown out of it a couple of times; the last time, tipping completely backwards, hitting the back of my head.

Anyway, I have a holiday planned to start at the beginning of October. Two weeks in Maderia. That is one hilly place. I thought that it'd be sensible for me to upgrade a notch or two. I have just ordered and paid out a chunk of money on a similar power wheelchair, but this one has large 12" driving wheels. I've bought an additional lithium battery too. At first, I worried that it wouldn't arrive before my holiday. I am not a lucky person (unlike some on here). Now it has occurred to me - with my luck - all my money could be wasted. The bloody thing will turn up here via DHL. I'll get it out of the box ... and - low and behold - my bloody legs will start working again! Nearly two grand down the drain and I'll have no way of getting my money back!  Mind, when people are looking at me zooming around in a powerchair and wondering what's wrong, I often say to them that there's nothing wrong with my legs ... I'm just too lazy to walk!

Itcost nothing to laugh ... and it costs not a penny more to dream.


I'm holding out hope you have to donate that thing to someone else.  And that they, in turn, will also have to donate it eventually. 

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Supaguy, as I've said before, you really are! laughter IS free and much better than the alternative!

i really hope you are unlucky enough to be able to walk when your chair arrives! And, if you are, I think laziness is still fine!


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Hi Supaguy,

If you are still needing the wheelchair when you start on your holiday that's OK.  Just remember to use lots of sunscreen with homosalate and octisalate while you are away.   That way you may, like some experimental mice, be walking nicely when you get home!