Is Tinnitus a result of CPN?

My friend Isabelle is suffering a severe Tinnitus and she has been told that she just have to learn  to live with it.  It is true that she worked in a very loud environment, but I remember her having very strong "colds" and "flus"; so, because I saw that this illness was mentioned here, I would like to ask if it might be relationed with CPN and if it is treated as the MS?

Can someone help my friend guiding her as to what to do?  she is living in South America...

Thank you very much to everyone!




It certainly is a symptom that some people report, I never had it badly but I did get it, particularly when I was pulsing.   But Tinnitus can also be caused by physical damage to the ear 'drum kit'.   It may also be a combination of both...

You could do a site search for tinnitus and you will find out about other people'sexperience with it. 

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SEXPERIENCE? What's that then Michelle?

Hi Gang, Before I was diagnosed with MS I had Sarcoidosis (respiratory), and then worsening restless legs, and then followed a spell of tinnitus, falling over, before I was diagnosed with 'probable' MS.

I wonder how many other people with MS or Cpn have experienced tinnitus? I had never made the connection, but I am responding well to CAP, Ding Dong...

Hope that may be of use to someone.

Sarcoidosis 10yrs. before dx.SPMS-2003 that's it. Research - Don't Believe Them.

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I realized I had tinnitus around the age of twelve, when it seemed so loud I had difficulty falling asleep nights. On reflection, I recall I had it back to the age of eight, which is when I experienced twice annual earaches and major lung infections.

I lean toward believing cpn is the cause, but could never prove it. I do know the tinnitus has been affected by antibiotics. For the first time in my life, I've had the tinnitus 'go silent' several times since starting this protocol.  It's gone from maybe half a minute of silence to up to twenty minutes, which was a minor miracle to me.  Wow.  Silence.  Of course, it's also varied in volume under this treatment and, near the end of my latest two-month long flagyl 'pulse', it was so loud I quit the flagyl sooner than I'd planned.  The volume of the ringing in my ears subsided overnight.

My doctor and I are are still hoping the tinnitus will be ended by the Wheldon protocol, but I've had it an awfully long time and the damage might be done by now.  We shall see.  Maybe my rifampin addition will affect the tinnitus.  I'll let you know.

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Thank you both!

Sorry for Mac suffering such situation, what a strength you have!!!

But, wow, I am happy in the middle of it all because it might be a remedy, a somewhat cure! And that hope is much better than hearing the doctors saying that "you just have to learn to live with it" .

With my heart I wish you to get better, specially to get rid of that tinnitus - go away tinnitus, is an order! done!!!

So, I am going to send a link to my friend so she can read your answers!

Thank you for taking the time for writing; appreciate it!


God bless you all.

MariaPatri - living in a rollercoaster! (In Orlando, Fl).

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My tinnitus started at age 22 as a result of prolonged unprotected exposure to gunfire.   It had continued about the same level for the following 25 years.  After I started the CAP, I noticed some slight improvement in the "volume" of the ringing.    

CAP for M.S. 8/2007 - 3/2009.  Twentieth pulse metronidazole + INH completed 3/12/2009.  Intermittent treatment thereafter until 11/20/2009.  

as a child I used to get bad ear aches, spring & fall.  Since CAP I have had lots of ringing but was happy when it subsided for about a month.  It just started up again.

Thanks for your kind note Maria, very much appreciated!



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I've had tinnitus and cognitive difficulties since the age of 11 of 12, when I was bit by a tick.  Of course I never connected the two, we had never even heard of Lyme disease back in those days (70's).   I remember going into stores such as Walmart and being extremely sensitive to the sounds that I thought the "electgronics" were making. 

My tinnitus has increasingly become worse over the years, I have it 24/7 and have suffered hearing loss.  I was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 10 years ago and through the years diagnosed with IBS, TMJ, Rosacea, Hashimoto's disease, EBV, Aluminum toxicity.  Panic Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Memory Loss.  Just this year I have been correctly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme.  In addition, several months later diagnosed with CPn, Micoplasma, Human Herpes Virus 6, Cytomeglavirus.  I'm just now beginning treatment to cover all these nasty bacterias/viruses. 

Happy to hear you are now on track!!!  Wow, it's been a long way ah? Hope you get better, and you will for sure, thank God!!!

My question was because my friend Isabelle was diagnosed with tinnitus and the Doctors just think of a physical cause like strong sounds but are not testing her for bacteria.  After reading so many info in this site I thought the best I could do was to throw the question here and tell her to come and read.   So, I really appreciate your answer and the light you have given to my friend and many others that might be in the same situation.

Again, hope you get much much better!


God bless you all.

MariaPatri - living in a rollercoaster! (In Orlando, Fl).

Thyroiditis, sinus infection, heart, muscles and joints. 

MariaPatri, it sure would be helpful to all of us reading your posts to see a signature that helps us see what your diagnosis is and what treatment plan you are following.

Thanks, Louise

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Hi OrganicTexan, Would you be willing to set up a signature to let us know what treatment protocols your are on such as meds, start dates and dosage?

Nice to see your post.  Louise

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I also had tinnitus briefly for about a month but tracked the cause down to a preservative which is widely used in the food industry, particularly in 'diet' soft drinks. In my case I eliminated the lemonade that I was drinking and the tinnitus dissappeared. Anything based on benzoates appears to be the culprit - it also causes hives (rash) for me.

So as Michele said, there can be many causes.