iPhone Application to track symptoms

Submitted by MunchMan on Tue, 2011-06-07 16:15

hey everyone

I wanted to tell everyone about an application I found called iLog Lyme. I know it is for "lymies" but I find it beneficial to track my symptoms on the go. Most symptoms coorespond with mine +/- a few. It cost $1.99 and has been worth it. You track your symptoms daily, can email a weekly or monthly report. I find that tracking is important, stated in my previous posting. 

As for me, It feels like my journey is just starting again. After taking the Septra for a week, I believed I herxed really bad. The MD changed my meds to Levaquin for 2 weeks. I waited a week b/c of the price and got striae on my belly again but felt better during that time. Started the levaquin and felt worse around day 9. Called him to let him know about everything. He returned my call saying,"this is just too wierd." "Yeah, it is Doc" I replied. I know his response is within reason since I have tested negative for Lyme, Bartonella, etc., but have all the signs of a herx on both drugs.

So I'm continuing the Doxy until I see him again in July, might start rifampin again at that point. Considering taking ABart like Raven or Houttuynia with two other herbs that fight Bart. I believe I have a Bartonella strain other than what I have tested which is henselea and quintana. Galaxy lab is temporarily closed because they are moving labs, so I have to wait to be tested there. =(

I spoke with Vetinarian John Barnes. He is the one with Bartonella induced MS. He is delightful. I could tell he wants the word out to the public about bacteria and MS, as we all do. He forwarded me an email from another Bart infected person and his wierd "autoimmune" disease. What stuck with me the most was "we need to tell everyone about this" theme.

I'm on doxy and and haven't had a fever yet and feeling okay with some good days. I had a really good day on Saturday. I mowed the lawn, cleaned the garage (since I wasn't able to last year), put up the canopy, and set up a small swimming pool for my daugher. It felt good putting in a hard days work in the heat; i just wasn't able to do something like that last year being too sick. I drank plenty of water, took plenty of Creatine, and popped 2 Beta alanine after I got in and 2 before I went to bed. Woke up the next day with no fatigue or weakness. It wasn't without faults though; I almost lost my legs once on the stairs and fatigue was hitting me hard towards the end but I came through it.

I hope the app helps. I have no relationship to the maker or any incentive to them. Just want to make things a little easier for others.





Thanks for sharing about the iphone app to track symptoms. I've been looking for something like that for awhile.


I can related to herxing really hard on Septra. I had started on Rifampin to treat Bart but when I added in the Septra it was too intense so I had to stop.

I'm taking A-Bart and Bar-1 and find both helpful.

I'll be starting doxy next week and will add in azith to treat the cpn. It's good to hear that its helping you. I'm hoping for the same.

Severe ME/CFS diagnosed 2007. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Bartonella, EBV, HHV6, Mycoplasma, and CPn IgG 1:1024; currently on Valtrex, Famvir, and slowly working my way up to full dosage of NAC. Will start CAP protocol when I can tolerate N


Doxy is the only thing i have noticed in helping the fever. The fever is non stop without it.

Septra hit me within 3 hours of taking it. I really thought I was relapsing and I was out of it! Mad Tremors, dizziness, fever came back; the whole nine yards. It was the scariest I've seen so far. I googled "septra bartonella herx" and "levaquin bartonella herx" and the search results included posting to various websites. Interestingly enough, people with bartonella and who have herxed on those medications were almost exactly what I went through.

Rifampin helped me tremendously, especially after 3 months. Take notice of your days. At first, I found that every 5 days I was feeling great. The great days continued to increase. I believe I found my "Bart" cycle by tracking this.


Started CAP on 06/29/2010 for RRMS. Dx w/ Brevundimonas Vesicularis in Jan '11 hiding in #20 tooth with root canal. Extracted 04/04/2011. Clinically dx with Bartonella at the same time. Recently found MPn.

Abx: 100 mg Doxy bid<

 Munchman--thanks for the recommendation.  I would love it if I had a more current phone.  

After replacing several phones--pricey--I decided to swallow my pride and carry my faithful two year old "has been dropped 1000 times--dunked once" reliable and scratched  up phone.   No aps.  lol  It will die one day.  It is almost an MS durable phone.   

I am getting closer to justifying an upgrade for work--just not quite.  This ap is tempting! 

I appreciate all of your recommendations.  I am retrying beta-alanine (had the worst heart burn of my life) and using half. No problems now--two days in.  Same with creatine.  Took me a few days to figure out I was getting some weird cramps from it so also cut it in half.  So far no tight muscles at night--which I suspect is mild spasticity.  I would feel tormented--couldn't sleep.  I think the creatine has fixed that.  When I start my exercise program again I will pay close attention.  Exercise aggravated it and in fact is one of the reasons that I stopped.  

I am sorry to hear that you have been so ill.  The pits.

I have spent huge amounts of time  completely restructuring our diet (Terry Wahls--YouTube) so it is more nourishing to our brains and that we can more quickly detoxify.  

I am more and more convinced that--in part-- the quicker we take out the trash the quicker we will feel better.  Since, as I understand it--it is the toxic bacterial waste--plus other things-- that our body is in overdrive attempting to handle.   

I hate it when the trash builds up.