INVITE more information about the member

This came up in a recent post and I have raised it before ...

I am talking about members being invited to give more information about themselves.

I have read what Mack says - i.e. Jim K, the site's owner, does not want new members to be required to provide any more information than an email address.  I am not suggesting or proposing that any more information is to be required of anyone; what I am saying is that new sign-ups are not really sure of what they are supposed to write.  I am saying that a guidance template should be set; making clear that these are suggestions and that there is no requirement beyond an email addy.

The object is just to save time and effort of those people trying to answer questions.  Most posters wouldn't mind stating their conditions or ailments or even what part of the world they're from ... newbies are just unsure of what to write down when they sign up.

Provided that it is crystal clear to those signing up that all this information was optional and not a condition of membership, then this would do nothing but improve the site.

Anyway, it's just a view that I have.


Ok in the next few days I will put self info in. I was not sure if we were supposed to/required to do that. As a new never know... THANKS.