Interpretation of Vitamin D results

Submitted by clivepowney on Sun, 2009-05-10 04:48

Can anyone please help me with my vitamin D results from grassroots health

they cam back as folows:

Date of TestD2 (ng/mL)D3 (ng/mL)Total (ng/mL)Laboratory
Ref Range
32-100 ng/mL

There are 2 concerns

1 a zero reading for vitamin D2

2 The overall reading

What should they both be? I know the notal should be > 40 ??




Clive, here is a link to a previous discussion where people who knew what their levels were had an opportunity to record them.   It might also be worth you doing a google site search (this search facility is available right at the top of this page) on Vit D levels.   There is a lot of information here about vit D thanks to Red,

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Hi Clive,

Glad to hear you got your Vit D levels checked!

I'm certainly expert, but it's my understanding that you might be able to get some Vit 2 (ergocalciferol) from foods such as mushrooms, but the majority of any Vit D2 you might get would be through fortified foods.   

I believe Dr Holick is the only Vit D expert who seems to believe that Vit D2 is as effective as Vit D3.   The rest seem to think it is far less effective, and the following article even goes as far as to warn that Vit D2 breaks down into some unnatural metabolites (see page 13 here):

So, again, I'm no expert, but I wouldn't worry about your Vit D2 levels.   Instead, I'd supplement with Vit D3 (from cholecalciferol) and get your "Total" to at least the high end of the 55-70ng/mL range.   Most experts believe that hypercalcemia doesn't set in until levels are over 150ng/mL so you may want to go as high as 100ng/mL if it provides additional benefit to you...

As for your reading of 20ng/mL, you're definitely low, but I know of others who first tested as low as the low single digits.    You can get it back up with supplementation...

Good luck, and keep us posted...



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In my opinion Red, who is a very modest person, IS an expert! He has done incredible research for this site on Vit D, contributing to the knowledge of all of us - with great benefit.

My levels were 30 the first time I was tested - and this was after being on daily doses for about four years of 4000 to 8000 units of D3. Now my level is in the mid eighties and I still take 4000 units a day. We "sickies" soak up D like sponges - we have learned this because of Red. I have to agree with the D3 v. D2 argument: D3 is cheap, does nothing but good, and goes straight to the point. D2 is truly "old fashioned and definitely outdated".


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