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Looking again at the patent materials and having an interest particularly in their discovery of INH as an antichlamydial agent I selected this excerpt because of it's importance in restoring immune system functioning in those of us who have been immuno-compromised by Cpn. My daughter, for example, with terrible CFS/FM, gets every virus which happens by and always gets a worse case of it. Prior to treatment, I also got colds frequently. Cpn infects macrophages and monocytes, rendering these infected immune cells less functional. If this is a predominant site of one's infection, then it stands to reason that your immune system sucks! Or, more accurately, is being sucked on... because Cpn functions parasitically by stealing the mitochondrial energy of the cells it infects. I have highlighted and underlined some critical ideas in this excerpt. Thanks to Chuck Stratton, et al for your brilliant and underappreciated discoveries:

Excerpt From: Stratton/Mitchell patent #6,756,369


Novel Antichlamydial Therapy Directed Toward the Replicating and Cryptic Stationary Phases of Chlamydia Infection

A unique class of antichlamydial agents that is effective against the replicating and cryptic stationary phases of Chlamydia (and possibly against some other stages of the cryptic phase) have been identified using the susceptibility tests described herein. This novel class of agents comprises ethambutol and isonicotinic acid congeners which include isoniazid (INH), isonicotinic acid (also known as niacin), nicotinic acid, pyrazinamide, ethionamide, and aconiazide; where INH is most preferred. Although these are currently considered effective only for mycobacterial infections, due in part to currently available [susceptability] susceptibility testing methodologies, it has been discovered that these agents, in combination with other antibiotics, are particularly effective against Chlamydia. It is believed that the isonicotinic acid congeners target the constitutive production of catalase and peroxidase, which is a characteristic of microorganisms, such as mycobacteria, that infect monocytes and macrophages. Chlamydia can also successfully infect monocytes and macrophages. Using INH to eradicate Chlamydia from macrophages and monocytes subsequently assists these cells in their role of fighting infection. However, these agents appear to be less effective, in vitro, against the cryptic phase. Thus, ethambutol, INH and other isonicotinic acid congeners ideally should be used in combination with agents that target other phases of the chlamydial life cycle. These isonicotinic acid congeners are nevertheless excellent agents for the long term therapy of chronic/systemic chlamydial infection generally, and in particular to chlamydial infection of endothelial and smooth muscle cells in human blood vessels. INH and its congeners can be used to clear infection from monocytes and/or macrophages. When monocytes and macrophages are infected by Chlamydia, they become debilitated and cannot properly or effectively fight infection. It is believed that, if the chlamydial infection, per se, is cleared from these cells, then the monocytes and macrophages can resume their critical roles fighting chlamydial or other infection(s). Thus, patient responsiveness to combination therapy can be optimized by the inclusion of isonicotinic acid congeners. Accordingly, one aspect of the invention provides a specific method for reempowering monocytes or macrophages that have been compromised by a Chlamydia infection and, in turn, comprise treating the infection in other sites (Ed. This is saying that clearing these immune cells of Cpn also frees them to help fight the infection at other sites in the body). Such compromised macrophages or monocytes can be activated by treating the chlamydial infection by contacting the infected macrophages and/or monocytes with an antichlamydial agent. 

Well I'm being scuppered by a cold from hell!  I'm dimly wondering if I should be taking an isonicotinic acid congener but have doubts as to whether Solgar produce this.  I wonder if it has a more conventional name.  Does anyone know?

Ahvast matey! There's a right good isotinic acid cogener which goes by the name of Niacin. I've been sailing with her and her crew for a couple of weeks now. Captain Powell has lectured the crew on this mighty fine vessel at a serious tone (I just got taken up with your "scuppered") niacin is good for Cpn'ers for a variety of reasons. It's not clear to me that it has the same effect INH does within the immune cells, but is worth adding anyway.I'm convinced the Cpn infection of immune cells is the reason many Cpn-related diseases  are associated with viral co-infections (CFS, MS, FM, etc). Weak immune cells can't deal with other infections, let alone with the Cpn. My daughter will be the test case in this, since she gets every virus that goes around school. I'm expecting the INH to improve this. On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.

No, INH and niacin are not the same. INH is chemically related, but a different molecule, and is an antibiotic not a vitamin as niacin is.  On Wheldon/Stratton protocol for Cpn in CFS/FMS since December 2004.

Jim K.Thanks.  I went back and read it. There was a comma I missed. Now it makes sense. Serves me right for skim reading. I guess it would be better if I didn't try to skim 100 emails, forums etc. Think I should focus my reading on this site. So much good and supportive info here. Marie/Gail

After about 5 months of INH, I am switching to Niacin. Talked to Dr. Powell last week and he said to ramp up slowly to higher doses. He recommended taking a low dose asprin with it to ease the flushing. So here it goes. He seems to think it will be very effective at blocking Cpn at this stage. He said something about Trentol for promoting axon regrowth. I will probably go to see him in April and ask more questions about that. I am also going in for hormone testing.

Feeling 98% well-going for 100. Very low test for Cpn. CAP since 8-05 for Cpn/Mycoplasma P.,Lyme, Bartonella, Mold exposure,NAC,BHRT, MethyB12 FIR Sauna. 1-18-11 begin new treatment plan with naturopath