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Site Issues, again

Submitted by MacKintosh on Thu, 2018-09-27 18:19
Everyone, it seems we may have lost the last couple of weeks' worth of posts. (Now, we may recover them, but for now, they are missing.) This is, unfortunately, the by-product of trying to update the site, leapfrogging over a lack of updates and maintenance in the last couple of years. Our new web-tech is working on it, so please be patient. If you've lost any posts, feel free to re-post. If we're able to recover what's missing, we can always remove the duplications.

Help for Alison........

Submitted by Sarah on Thu, 2018-06-21 12:25

Alison would like to join the site, but in the meantime and since she has a doctor's appointment next week with her physiatrist, does anyone know of a doctor, especially in the New York State area who might be able to either treat her or work with her physiatrist.  She has suffered with MS for a number of years and her boyfriend first wrote to me a couple of months ago.

Site Issues

Submitted by MacKintosh on Mon, 2018-05-07 19:47

1.  When I look for 'recent posts', I am not looking for the beginning of that thread, which may have been posted (originally) many years ago.  I am looking for the most recent posts at the top of a list and the rest of the 'recent' posts listed in order of most recent at the top, second most recent below that, etc.  We're accustomed to seeing the newest posts first .

Theme Update

Submitted by kentpp on Sat, 2018-05-05 15:45

Hi All,

I've set the default theme to Mayo which I think is the one most like the previous theme.  If you go to your User Account you can select this theme and the color scheme you wish to use.  Please test them out and find one which suits you best.

There have been some comments about font.  I will make it so that you can select between serif and non serif and apply bigger font.

If you have feedback on other aspects of the site, please be specific about what the problem is and exactly where to find it.

THURSDAY! The Long-awaited site UPGRADE

Submitted by MacKintosh on Tue, 2018-04-24 20:44

The site is about to be upgraded - BEGINNING THURSDAY, 26 April - and may be unavailable sporadically for up to a day.

Please be prepared for occasional outages and exchange email addresses or other info now, if there's someone you need to be in constant contact with.

Our web guy will put up a post when it's in process.  

Can't a girl just go on a weekend jaunt?

Submitted by MacKintosh on Mon, 2017-11-13 23:11

Okay, enough.  I was away for a whole three days and the discussion board went sideways.  Well, I'm back.

I've tidied up a bit and put a few topics into 'read only' mode, which will let them die a natural death, as reply options are no longer enabled.

When a member is disruptive, please contact me by private message.  Throwing personal insults around isn't polite or permissible, period.

Let's get back to the business of helping people with cpn get educated, get better and get on with their lives.

Current Affairs - Housekeeping

Submitted by MacKintosh on Sun, 2017-11-05 17:40

I'm going to offer a bit of an apology and explanation, as a member here has pointed out he feels I've been overly critical.  (I'm wearing my editor hat right now, not my cpn-patient hat.)

In the past week or two, I've become highly sensitized to the blanket statements and rampant postings of a couple of prolific posters here on the site.  Of late, we're seeing too many posts unrelated to cpn treatment, too many blanket statements of so-called 'facts' that aren't facts at all and a few pointless posts that belong on someone's personal blog or facebook page, but not here.  I've been editing and querying and commenting to an extent that hasn't been necessary in a long time.