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Dirty Work has been gong on!

Submitted by Sarah on Thu, 2019-03-28 13:12

Does anyone know anything about this, from ThisisMS?

I knew nothing about it and nobody at ThisisMS ever replied to me.


clarification, from NHE's 2017 post linked above

Several years ago there was a small group of cpn help dot org members that were abusively posting links to their site and trying to redirect every new member at ThisIsMS to their own site. They were asked to stop spamming the forums with links to their site, but failed to do so. As such, links to cpn help dot org are no longer allowed.

Gathering information

Submitted by giacomo on Fri, 2019-03-08 09:24

Hello, I'm new on this site and I'm trying to gather information about the CAP. I've been diagnosed with MS in 2008 and I'm quite fine at the moment, living an almost normal life. My only problems are my hands/arms (numbness and pain) and my bladder (not that serious, just urgency and frequency). I always refused conventional dmd, I'm on ldn since 2009 and on Coimbra protocol since 2014. I read several pages, articles and as far as I understand, there's no certain way to be diagnosed with cpn chronic infection.