27 Apr 2018

swollen glands


As I continue to read here on the site, something popped into my foggled brain.  I have a round swollen kind of knarly bit at the back of my neck on the rite side near the base of my skull.  It has been around for a long time & I mentioned it to my doc sometime ago & he just blew it off as a swollen gland.My question is, why is it continually swollen for years & is it a gland?  I have no idea.Thanksr


Without seeing it and as I am not a doctor it is difficult for me to be categorical.   I can say however that both my husband and my daughter have had a similar pea sized lump in the area you describe.   If you have swollen glands in other parts of your body, for example in your neck, armpits and groin, I would urge you to have them checked out again.   Sometimes you can have a swollen gland in one part of your body because it is local to an infection site which is probably what your doctor thought at the time you mentioned it to him, but if you have glands that are swollen all over your body then that should be investigated.

If you have a chronic infection in one part of your body then the glands in that area might be continuously swollen.

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THanks for the info Michelle, my back of the neck gland is about 3/4 " around & it doesn't change.  All other glands appear to be normal right now.  Again, thanks

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