27 Apr 2018

Supplements before operations


I will have a root canal treatment in a few days time. And like all the cappers(I am not but use supplements in your list) I take some supplements. I use nac, vit c, vit d, turmeric pills and I also take inderal for heart rtyhm problems. Is it safe to take them before the treatment.Also I develop some kind of sensitivity to nsaids. They give me fast heart beat. How to control the pain after anesthetic effect wore off?Any natural treatments for tooth and gum pain? Also are there any other supplements to take for fast improvement after this treatment?Thanks


There's no reason to stop supplements before oral surgery, though I'm surprised you weren't prescribed any antibiotics beforehand, which seems to be the standard now.  Keep up with your normal routine, otherwise.

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Hi!SmileOur protocols recommend a whole host of vitamins and other supplements. If I were only able to recommend one vitamin, it would have to be vitamin C. Make sure you have plenty of vitamin C and that will help you heal.SmileGood luck my friend.G.

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Many thanks to both of you. Supa I will double my vitamin c intake for sure.Will continue taking them mackintosh.  I get great benefit from them. I do not know why thy did not give abx. they sent me home with paracetamol and pain killers after filling.   Up to day  I have had time to time pain. Sometimes it was throbbing and continuous.The operation will be planned this Thursday.