27 Apr 2018

Serology - active infection?


Hi all,in 01/2010 my Cpn serology came back with IgG > 500 IU (reference < 28) and IgA 50 IU (reference < 28). IgM negative. However, the doctor didn't tell me about the positive test. I discovered it accidentally a few months ago, because I asked the Doc to give me a copy of all lab results.So I went to another lab and made the test again with absolutely the same results (IgG > 500, IgA 50 IU, IgM neg.). Can I know for sure that I have an ongoing infection (because of elevated IgA) ?


Chronic infection would not go away as you would just send it into a persistent state during antibiotic treatment I think...

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Marcus,-your results may be identical because you have hit the upper detection limit in the test both times. ie igg = maximum, iga = maximum-yes you can be sure that you have an infection from the iga-yes the infection will survive a few months of doxy. you probably need to be on the CAP for 2 years minimumsend me a PM with your symptoms if you likegood luck!Mark

Hi Mark,in the meanwhile I found a description from a test-kit manufacturer. Therein it is stated, that high IgG and elevated IgA points in the direction of a long term active infection. As you have said.My problem is fatigue (primary muscular), strange abnormalies in the heart beat that make me afraid (not just tachycardia, but a couple of very fast beats together with vertigo). I have also quite serious neurological problems, that is brain-fog and tingling in the extremeties. The tingling can be nearly completely gone and the next hour nearly my whole body is tingling (face, chest, etc.). It comes and goes over the day. I'm not sure if this symptoms are commonly seen in Cpn, I thought they could be better come from borreliosis.What do you think, are this symptoms typical for Cpn? I have also the feeling that I do have to cough on one side. This surely cannot be from the borrelia.Thanks,Markus

There is no real list of symptoms on the site because cpn infection results in a wide variety of supposedly 'autoimmune' diseases. You may have optic neuritis, while I have chronic fatigue and someone else may have multiple sclerosis.  None of them have a defined list of symptoms, either, so it becomes further complicated.Your physical, mental and emotional symptoms, coupled with your genetics, environment and co-infections, determine how your cpn infection will manifest.  Those same issues are what makes it so hard to create a 'one size fits all' treatment plan.

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I've had all those symptoms...and also had them recede with CPn treatment. Brain fog was my most problematic symptom. I have found B12 (sub-lingual vitamin...or foods containing B12, like clams, crab or oysters) does wonders to help with that roaming tingling in the extremities you describe, and can help with some causes of brain fog (though the antibiotics themselves can also help with this).

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