27 Apr 2018

Running out of time -- pulmonary fibrosis, pbc, ai liver, sjogrens, hashi


Hi-I am new here and the exwife of science writer Dorion Sagan so i have alot of respect for microbiologists and frustration with many doctors who feel they dont have to keep up, change, or know this stuff. i am hoping to find a doctor that is willing to help me, to fully diagnose me and treat me.I had pneumonia five times in my first year of life and have suffered from ai disease since i was born. I have never had remission but it slowly progresses except when i have flurries of more acute disease where my teeth will break and i get pneumonia and get severe infections.


Tut!I will respond to your post ... when my blood pressure drops down to the moderate hypertension level.I will respond when I get my head round the "But won't give me antibiotics"!SealedG. 

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Where are you located and how far can you travel for treatment?

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Just wanted to say, alpha lipoic acid helps me enormously against CPN, I really think you should get on antibiotics. 

Treating PPMS with Azithromycin, Minocycline, Rifampin.