27 Apr 2018

Okay, for you Brits on this site (anyone else who might know)


I was recently given about a kilo of genuine British "banger" sausages (eight links).   I understand that bangers have a unique flavor.  Does anyone have a recipe for how to prepare and serve them?  Thanks. 


Bangers are the ordinary/common-o-garden variety of sausages.   Traditionally they are more mealy and soft than most European continental sausages.   They are eaten at any time of the day, and depending on whether you are serving them for breakfast or a main meal a different way of preparing them might be used.  

Fried in the pan or grilled for breakfast or a main meal.

Baked in the oven for a main meal, baked in a batter (Yorkshire pudding batter) this dish is called 'toad in the hole' and is not easy to get right but is a favourite in this country.   Also stewed with vegetable, sometimes called a sausage savoury in Scotland.

You can also bar-b-q them or cook them and eat them like hot dogs preferably in a crusty roll or have them cold in sandwiches with mustard.  

I expect there are any number of different ways to prepared them and all will be valid.

I prefer mine well cooked and caramelised on the outside, so that the skins offer resistence to the bite and contrast nicely with the soft inside.

Goodness I did not know I knew so much about bangers....

Hope you enjoy them.

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