27 Apr 2018

Non Prescription very strong Sleep Aid


Hello AllIf any of you are familiar with the "wired but tired" symptom you know that the more fatigued you get the harder it is to sleep. Aside from the overall approach of treating infection...I have been wondering if anyone can recommend a very strong sleep aid that is not a drug that can knock you out like tinctures and essential oils Thanks


Hello Homina! Firstly, the sleep aid recommended in this protocol is Melatonin. I now get this on prescription from my doctor although it is not actually a drug; it is fact a hormone that the body makes naturally in pineal gland at the base of the brain. As we age, we tend not to be so good at making it; hence, one might typically see some mentally frail people wandering about at two in the morning. In the UK, this hormone is marketed as a drug and sold in 2 mg tablets under the name of Circadin. There is a fellow CAPer that I regularly communicate with that I have encouraged to switch from sleeping tablets to these melatonin tablets.Now I know that you will probably see melatonin tablets as a drug anyway. I know too that you have a strong leaning towards herbal alternative therapies. If you wish to stick to that path, I suggest that you start with the most obvious and cheapest first. Essential oil of lavender must be the cheapest of them all. It is calming whether just placed on your pillowcase or added directly to your bathwater.  Lavender is the only essential oil which can be applied directly to the skin without blending with carrier oil.To those reading this that may be thinking that essential oils can’t really do anything, I have this little tale to tell:In years gone by, when my sons were still young boys; I’d set out to drive back to Mid-Wales from London with both my boys in my waggon. As usual, this not-so-supa-guy would set out way too late and with tiredness creeping up from behind at a fast rate of knots. I remember one Sunday evening; I had just fuelled up in West London at the last filling station prior to the M4. Any thought that the diesel fumes would spark some life into me were a forlorn hope. I was conscious of the journey and the lack of autopilot. I asked my older boy to sprinkle some essential oil of rosemary on a handkerchief I had at the ready. He gave a few shakes of the bottle that I could barely smell. I shouted at him in a panic as we drove off: “More! More!” He soaked the hanky and then I put the stuff on my shirt and my jumper. It’s a good job that the stuff wasn’t flammable because I’d have been a potential torch. I realised that I had overdosed big time when my pulse started to race and I felt almost like I was going to have a heart attack. For the next 60 odd miles we had to drive with the windows down … in spite of the cold. Did I get back to Wales? Yep: I flew back. No breaks. No pauses. No stopping.That’s what rosemary does. Mix it with black pepper and it will boost you more. There are lots of those.A good cheap essential oil to calm, relax (muscular and mentally) is marjoram. Blend it with some sweet almond carrier oil and add it to your bath or massage it directly to the body and you will feel it work through you. By the way, marjoram is an an-aphrodisiac … so any failings on your part can be blamed on the marjoram oil (whether you’ve used it or not).Some of the more pleasant sleepy essential oils can be extremely expensive (such as my favourite: jasmine). Go for the cheapest ones first and work through. Apart from lavender, always blend any oil within carrier oil before applying to the skin … and always patch test against the skin 24 hours prior to any general application.CoolG.

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Thanks SupaI have tried most of the OTC stuff  and herbal formulas for sleep, including Melatonin. they do not work when I get "Wired but Tired"I have not tried any essential oils yet but I am not looking for something that relaxes you and makes you drowsy those things don't work for me so far, when I get super tired. I am looking for something that is so strong it just "knocks you out"

Hi HominaTaurine might help you. The amino acid is used by the brain as an inibitory neurotransmitter (it makes an exicted mind relax and sleep). It has a sedative effect. I have not seen a reported side effec or toxity on google -  but 500mg to 1G may be anough for you. Also,it softens stones in the gallblader, protect cardiac and respiratory system and fight pathogens.A link:http://www.news.cornell.edu/stories/2008/02/scientists-close-taurines-a…, minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium are needed to relax the CNS too.Hope it is useful.F.

Hi again Homina!Really and truly, I have no right to be commenting on this thread: it's nearly 3.00 am here in the UK.LaughingI am not really sure whether you are against all man-made drugs or just prescription drugs. It is worth bearing in mind that even the herbs are drugs. Syphilis is 100% natural ... but I don't want it.There was a flurry of comment over a year ago now on the subject of Tavegil tablets (clemastine).  I was somewhat adverse to using this old-fashioned antihistamine because in my younger days I suffered terribley from heyfever. I took antihistamine and the knocked me senseless. I did buy some Tavegil tablets (clemastine)  about a year ago. I only took a couple but again, they knocked me out.Tavagel has been touted on these pages for its ability to heal and recover from MS. If you take a good few tabs and they knock you out, will you be complaining?Worth a thought and maybe a try!CoolG.

“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Hi Homina,Have you tried Benadryl? It is a very inexpensive OTC drug that induces extreme drowsiness in most people. And it may have some anti Cpn benefit. When I have taken it I have noted significant die off effects, particularly at a higher 50 mg dose.- Paul

Benadryl and clemastine are very similar - both have anticholergenic effects, through the m-3 muscarinic pathway.  That same pathway may have something to do with why Clemastine is being tested for remylination. Best & Highest Regards,Tom C

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HI PaulI have tried Benadrylit is one the the worst things I have tried There are some prescription sleeps aids I have tried and they work very well at first but a tolerance builds up very fast

Valerian Root.... Not the stuff you buy in the nice packs but the actual root.... If you need to go to sleep make some tea from it.... A nice teaspoon or two and leave it steep for 10 mins or so.... You will sleep I assure you... Take it handy on the quantity you use or you could find yourself sleeping for longer than you would have liked!!!Other stuff is lemon balm..... The leaves of the lemon balm.... Again all the  herbs I am recommending are the plants and not the commercial packaged ones .... Lemon balm will correct the reason you ain't sleeping but will do it over a period of time..... If you need to sleep now and not fix the reason you are not sleeping than prescription drugs are really the only way....i I had the same issue but decided to put the time in and work on it using the two herbs above...hope it helpsD

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Thanks D .. sounds like a good and inexpensive solutionDo you use both herbs at the same time?how much of the lemon balm do you use?Any good sources of Valerian and Lemon balm out there?I see some organic on ebay and they are inexpensive