27 Apr 2018

Biofilms and their Implications Regarding Treatment


A few weeks ago Joyce peeked my curiousity regarding biofilms, gallium and persistent infections.  It's an area that as I have delved further into over the past several weeks,  I have come to realize has very important implications for the treatment of stealth infections such as CPN, mycoplasma and borrelia.What follows is a synopsis from some of my personal research notes.  Please don't consider it scientific fact as I didn't take the time to footnote but I did want to throw this topic out to the group for pondering and possible discussion.   Biofilms for those not familiar are the most co


Thank you. Got it, but had to copy & paste it. Interesting article. Finding agents to break down the biofilm so the antibiotic works is fascinating stuff. Thanks to you folks I've got DH using biotene PBF toothpaste & mouthwash. Will soon see if his next check up shows progress. Hoping for it. MM

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I am still looking for more specific details regarding biofilm treatment and I have not yet found anything more detailed than "start low and work your way up slowly" with the items listed below from Dr. Usman's lecture.   I do know that H2S is the most potent hibernation signal known in hibernation research and taking hibernation pathways off the table is essential for full recovery.  A 20 plus foot long organ (GI tract) full of the wrong organisms making H2S from an antibiotic-proof slime layer is something we should address ASAP.  Dr. de Meirleir in Belgium thinks this is the main cause of CFS...he may be right about this.  He has used Xifaxan.  We tried that antibiotic with mixed results.  Turns out antibiotics work very poorly when biofilm is present.  As you saw in Dr. Usman's biofilm lecture (you have homework if you haven't seen it yet!), she recommends a variety of enzymes + vinegar + EDTA + fibers + probioics and fermented foods.  She said a big die-off reaction sometimes occurs 3 weeks into treatment whenthe film starts to dissolve.  Some researchers are doing serial stool metal & bacterial testing to see when the metals are released from the biofilm.  I'm thinking we might be able to avoid that expense and hassle, but I'm happy to order it for anyone who wants to know more.  Perhaps we might try testing after treatment to confirm the toxic chemistry of the biofilm is gone.  I may have access to H2S testing down the road too.  It is available in europe, but not in the US yet.  I am eager to see if the rT3/fT3 ratio normalizes with this treatment since H2S can increase rT3 levels (another hibernation signal).Here are some initial thoughts:1.)  Saccharomyces boulardii:  Powerful yeast that lowers H2S levels and candida levels without causing die-off reactions the way other antifungals can.  This allows people to take the OSR (which contains sulfur) without feeding the enemy (H2S producing bacteria and candida).  Start with 1 twice daily and work up to higher amounts if H2S gas and IBS are still an issue.  There are Medline articles showing this yeast helps both IBS and inflammatory bowel disease.2.)  Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey:  This product actually tastes good!  Dr. Usman recommends people with sensitive GI tracts start with apple cider vinegar before trying EDTA to minimize IBS flare ups.  No amounts are given.  Seems like 1/2 -1 tsp once or twice a day should be fine.  You can follow the instructions on the bottle if you are tolerating the lower doses.  Usman claims the vinegar dissolves the biofilm.  3.)  EDTA 625 mg:  Start with one daily with food.  EDTA binds up metals...so take it away from your multi-vitamin.  Should be ok to take with magnesium, Vitamin C and B vitamins.  Bottle recommends taking one twice a day.  Not sure if more is better at this point.  This one pulls calcium and lead out of the intestinal biofilm, softening it.4.)  Bromelain 500 mg:  1-2 with meals.  This papaya/pineapple based enzyme is very gentle. 5.)  Fiber:  Many are listed on Usman's handout.  Detoxifiber is a good start and well-tolerated.  Graduating up to a slightly more abrasive fiber is worth considering.  Most people tolerate Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth very well starting with 1/4-1/2 tsp daily in food or drink.  This product is "dirt cheap"...a lifetime supply is about $15.  FYI: diatomaceous earth kills worms and patients have told me they have passed them after taking it. Apparently works in pets too as one patient told me it cleared worms in her horses and made their coats very thick & shiny.  People have been taking diatomaceous earth for 100's of years.  Be sure to get food grade quality if you decide to try this form of fiber.  6.)  Probiotics:  No problem starting this immediately, 2 caps at night.7.)  Ursodiol:  Increases the amount of bile produced and thins bile.  Bile acids should dismantle biofilm too and I do have some patients who report feeling tremendously improved while taking Ursodiol.  Milk Thistle & ginger should help too if ursodiol is not covered by your insurance.  Ursodiol 300 mg twice a day is usually enough, but it is safe to take 2 twice daily if the effect is especially helpful.8.)  Digestive enzymes:  Ultrase or Similase are the ones we use to optimize digestion.  These should work naturally against the bacterial film as well.9.)  Nattokinase 100 mg:  More expensive enzyme that breaks down fibrin (approx $60/month if taken 3x daily).  Not sure how essential this one might be.  We can add this last to save money.This is a lot of pills, but H2S is the loudest hibernation signal and the intestine can be a factory for it.  If there is a film containing an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast that transform healthy sources of sulfur into poison H2S before we have an opportunity to absorb the good sulfur, this could be one of the most critical first steps to take. Remember...proceed slowly with this treatment.

http://www.autism.com/danwebcast/videoflv.asp?flv=sd08-40-biofilms_usman.flv&h=480&w=640&VID=86      (Good lecture on the topic, please watch)

What is Biofilm? (presented by Robyn Cosford and Anju Usman) • Collection of microbial communities enclosed in matrix of negatively charged polysaccharide substance held together with calcium, magnesium and iron • Matrix protects against phagocytosis, antibiotics, immune modulation and antimicrobials • Also outer membrane proteins of matrix not expressed on outer layer (but rather internalized into biofilm) and therefore not recognized by immune system • Consider biofilm if recurrent or persistent dysbiosis, recurrent otitis, sinusitis, dental caries, initially do well with antifungals and then no response, stool and urine cultures negative but does well on antifungals or antibiotics • Treatment includes probiotics and prebiotic (symbiotic = combination of probiotics and prebiotic), EDTA (enhances affect of antifungal or antibiotic), iron chelating compounds, mucous degrading enzymes o Lactoferrin retains motility in bacteria and does not allow it to form biofilm aggregates (especially pseudomonas – serratiopeptidase also helps) o Fibrinolytic enzymes help to break down staph o Chitosan (derived from shellfish) – has NAG and thins biofilm, especially strep Biofilm Treatment protocol (very long process – may be years; average 4-6 months; improvements seen in weight gain, behavior (including PANDAS, OCD and tics), and stools) Step 1 – Lysis/detachment of biofilm (on empty stomach) o Enzymes (mucostop, lumbrokinase, nattokinase, serratiopeptidase, SPS30, papaya or pineapple) o Oral DisodiumEDTA or Apple Cider Vinegar o Lactoferrin (do not do if very sensitive to dairy) o NAG (N-Acetyl Glucosamine)/Chitosan Step 2 – microbial killing (antifungals/antibiotics – give 15 minutes later and can give with other meds; often start with herbals) o Agent varies with microbiologic growth (bacteria, fungus) o Die off often occurs at Day 21 (includes irritability, aggression, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, skin rash and fever) Step 3 – clean up (like a toothbrush – a few hours after step one but can be at night) o Charcoal, fiber, modified citrus pectin, alginates, brown algae Step 4 – rebuilding and nourishing gut lining o Probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods o Diet – SCD or at least high antioxidant (high ORAC value- Acai, noni, goji), low sugar and low AGE (advanced glycation end-products such as brown, fried or heated at high temps like French fries, cake, dark sodas, donuts) o Supporting nutrients include xylitol, aloe, EFAs, slippery elm, marshmallow, ginger, colostrum 

http://drrajpatel.net/media/BiofilmsMethylatDetox%20in%20Lyme%20finale.ppt  (slide show from a Bay Area doctor treating chronic Lyme infection and biofilms).

Info on biofilm from Dr P

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The problem is, how to incorporate biofilm protocol into the cap. I fight this all the time as we are already taking so many medcs and supplements. Do we need to take DE 2 hours away from atb or not? I already begun to take some supplements together with atb (like doxy and Q10) in order to incorporate more useful products into my daily regime, but it is still very difficult.

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There was quite a bit of discussion re biofilms here on the site about mid-year.... if you look in the book marks and "forum" section there is more information.Klaire Labs makes a product called InterFase and InterFasePlus.... both are enzymes products.  The 'plus' has EDTA in it.   Many here have tried it.  I, personally, (and I believe a few others as well) was not able to tolerate the InterFasePlus (w/EDTA) but that is due to my own personal gut/pathogen issues....  

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