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Hi everybody! i have a question : igg (C pneumonia) are positive (must be > 20 and i have 106), but iga are negatives. I have fybro about 4 years. So what is your opinion abour it? An other question since i have problems, i have vestibular / VPPB and balanced problems. When i have a virus like influenza or others, i have a lot of problems with vestibular what is your opinion about it? Thanks all of you!

is-it possible to have problems with vestibular / VPPB and balanced problems due to an infection like Chlamydia Pneumonie? Is -it possible to have chronicle C Pneumonia with a normal CD57, and IGA normal bt IGG positive? Thanks a lot for your help!!!

antistreptolysines must be on 0-200 , i have 351 (inflammation), but i was ill one month ago befor the test (so i don't know)


Have a good day!!!!!

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Are you taking any medications?  There are some drugs (e.g. the antibiotic minocycline) that can cause vestibular disturbances.

What country are you in that you are able to get so many markers (IgA, IgG, CD57, and antistreptolysin) measured?  I asked my doctors many times for IgA, IgG, IgM, and CD57 tests and they refused.  I finally gave up asking.