5 Jul 2019

Questions and Update



I am almost about to complete 3 months of the protocol, time for me to start my 1st pulse of metro. I have many questions but I look forward to your help and support:

1. I am currently taking roxy and doxy together in the morning; how should I add metro to this regimen? One dose along with the other two abx or shall I take this completely separate? Do I need to alter my regime in any other way? Shall I be taking a probiotic 2 hours after each dose of abx? 


Take that probiotic FAR from your antibiotics. Two hours is too short a time, for my liking.

As for changing anything, no. All you're doing is adding the third antibiotic to the protocol. I always took all three together, but you may find your stomach doesn't like that. Take the third one separately, if that's the case.

Don't push too hard on your first pulse. While you might feel fine, remember that the effects are cumulative and you can't 'un-take' something, once you start feeling bad. The intention is to make this a protocol you can do while living your normal life. Cut the pulse short if you're miserable. You can always do a longer pulse next time.

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It is good that you point out taking a probiotic FAR in time from the antibiotics.  What about prebiotics?  Some online sites say that taking probiotics and prebiotics together is fine.  Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that feeding these bugs while in transit in the small intestine would not be a good idea.  I did not get any benefit from probiotics until I started taking prebiotics as well.  So, for a long time I wasted much money taking expensive probiotics.

Scott, I can't decide on that, but I only took probiotics to stop my gut getting messed up with the antibiotics. I have never had any gut trouble with taking antibiotics, and often took the probiotics barely two hours after. However, I don't have a slow metabolism: the comtents of my daily morning poo tells me that!

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I was recommended not to take prebiotics while treating. I was told they could feed bad bacteria as well as good. No idea how true that is, but seemed sensible to me. I focused on kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut as my probiotic, as well as supplements.

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Maybe it is opposite of what you were told.  I found this publication:


From this paper (and others that I read), a healthy colon has an acidic pH.  Apparently, this acidity is maintained by fermentation of prebiotics which generate butyric acid, lactic acid, etc.  Most "bad bacteria" (e.g. Candida) cannot survive under these acidic conditions.