22 Nov 2018

Heat-inactivated C. pneumoniae organisms are not atherogenic.


I wasn't aware of this - heat inactivating CPn, but it makes sense. I thought I read that it was bad to treat CPn with heat for some reason.

I have been having night sweats most of this year, many more before starting ABX. Could that be a sign my body is trying to kill these pathogens?

Does anyone know anything about heat and CPn? Does this mean that saunas would be a good idea?

"Heat-inactivated C. pneumoniae organisms are not atherogenic."


The idea with studies like that is that they are a control experiment: they prove that the Cpn actually has to be alive to do its damage. They probably use much higher heat to kill the germs than you could get via a fever. Anyway, a fever is something the body does to help kill germs, and night sweats are what happens after a fever when the body is trying to cool down from it, but there's no guarantee that fever actually helps with any particular germ; the body isn't quite that smart.


This study provides strong evidence that C pneumoniae is a real pathogen, and not just "an innocent bystander" as some have speculated.

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Also interesting given CPn being implicated in dementia as well as heart disease etc, that a 20 year Finnish study (only men unfortunately) showed regular sauna goers had a 60%+ reduced risk of both conditions. Oh and I’ve seen studies showing it lowers pneumonia risk as well.

I wonder if the heat effects would be sufficient to “inactivate” the CPn, and whether it would apply as well to people who are already infected. It may have different effects.
For me, I’m currently not game to go back the sauna regularly again until I’m sure I’ve gotten the porphyric/die off reactions under control. I went to the sauna most days for a week this year and it coincided with me getting worse. Could be coincidental of course.

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Interesting Ozman: a few years ago Infra-red sauna was all the rage on the site. We bought an inexpensive one and David took to it right away. I didn't and eventually gave up using it. It seemed to drain all of the power out of me and it took me too long to recover from it. We had both at the time, finished intermittent protocol, so were presumably free of the infection, but David could stand the heat more than I could.

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Heat does tend to activate the immune system, and cold to deactivate it. (That's why you ice a sprained ankle: to keep the immune system from getting overenthusiastic.) And in Finland they have a lot of cold to deal with. So there are three effects you might be getting here. There might be actual killing of germs because of heat. There might be activation of the immune system due to heat that then kills more germs. And there might be activation of the immune system that makes you feel ill but doesn't particularly help with killing.