12 Jul 2018

Help interpreting DNA report


Hi, can anyone help, or know anyone that can help interpret my DNA report? I think I have methylation issues that may make supplementing with NAC problematic, but would like to get advice from someone more knowledgable than me!


Tufty, I think you should ask Boadicea, because she has done a lot of research into her own methylation problems. The messaging system isn't working here, but I will ask her to write to you on Facebook!

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Hi Tuftyone - I did do a lot of research on methylation, as I've always had lots of detox problems, but not sure I can help, I'm afraid. I did the Amy Yasko testing and analysis, as it was a long time before 23andMe was available in UK. I'm not sure what DNA report you have, but I know a lot of people get 23andMe and then analyse the data using Promethease, GeneticGenie or LiveWello. I found a lot of helpful info on Ben Lynch's mthfr page.

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Check out Chris Masterjohn's writings (and podcasts/videos) on methylation. Somehow most of the stuff I've seen on methylation is pretty moronic, on the level of "methylation involves X, Y, and Z, so take more of all of them as dietary supplements." Masterjohn has a real understanding, and will tell you that lots of people sell SAMe as a supplement, but really it's supposed to be recycled over and over again, and the amounts in supplements are tiny compared to the amount you'd need if it isn't going to be recycled, so don't waste your money on it; focus on tuning up the recycling process instead. And he'll tell you that most methylation is spent making creatine and phosphatidyl choline, so to take stress off the system you can eat more of those end products.


I'll look at the link you've sent, so thanks for that. I'm in conversation with a DNA 'expert' (...and there are many of them :/). I have MTHFR and CBS mutations amongst others, to detoxing is a big issue for me

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