27 Apr 2018

Myer's Cocktail


Hello again allI know Myer's Cocktail has been discussed on this forum but I was hoping update and find out who is/has been using it as an adjunct for CpnHere are my questionHow often?What is your particular formula?What have been the results?Some other questionsWhere do Doctors get Myer's Cocktail?Do they make it up themselves or do they buy it premade ?If premade do they use preservative and what kind?What is the source of the ingreidents?I ask becuse it seems one has to be very cautious when something is being injected directly into the veinsThanksThanks


Hi LuckyThanks for reminding me on thatI wonder how many ND's do it that way ?Maybe some others can contrubute Could you PM me your ND's contact info?Thanks