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MS is covered in this page. Please read more from the other research pages also as it is the whole picture that makes it compelling not just what is here....

A review of PCR in CPn infection by David WheldonThere are many studies on MS using the PCR to look for CPn. this review by David Wheldon is insightful

Chlamydia Pneumoniae infection in Neuronal cells lines

CPn respiratory infection associated with relapse in MS

Annotation by Marie with links on nitric oxide CPn and MS

Nitric Oxide and CPn: Multiple sclerosis link?

CPn infection induces transmigration of monocytes through human brain epithelial cells This work was undertaken to see if CPn might transmigrate because there is some work associating CPn with AD. Once you see that it can migrate across the BBB and that it can infet microglia and brain cells, is it such a leap to imagine it could cause MS?

Detection of chlamydial bodies and antigens in the central nervous system of patients with multiple sclerosis The newest published research on CPn in MS released October 1 2005. This work used several methods for detection of CPn in these MS patients, proving this work to be very thorough and extremely convincing. Many others have "tried" to find CPn using one method such as PCR, but his work also reaffirmed the assertion that CPn was present with other approaches as well.

-Pilot study to examine the effect of antibiotics on MRI outcomes in RRMS This is the most recent research to read if you are interested in MS and CPn. This study was small but it highlights interesting points about the reaction of the MS brain to antibiotic treatment.

The clinical response to minocycline in multiple sclerosis is accompanied by beneficial immune changes: a pilot study. This study was looking at minocin as an imunomodulatory agent but the positve responses in terms of gad enhancing lesions and relapses makes a person consider that there is likely more than one reason to do CAPs.

-Assoc. of Chlamydia pneumonie with nervous sytem disease This paper is a must read if you have MS.

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of microglial cells Very important paper. Please read.

CSF molecular demonstration of CPn DNA is associated with cinical and brain magnetic resonance in RRMS This paper from 2004 shows that several neurolgoical diseases are associated with evidence of CPn in the brain, but also indicates that active disease of MS has a higher association. Importantly taken with Balin's work on AD we are beginning to see a neurological pathogen that possibly causes several kinds of brain pathologies. Since we know other germs like staph has the same kind of differing presentations, is that really so odd?

Epidemiologic Evidence for MS as an infection- J F Kurtzke Classic important paper. Kurtzke is clear that an infectious agent is to blame for MS. This in depth report includes an immene amount of data on the Faroese.