27 Apr 2018

Jury Duty


Hello AllI have been called for Jury Duty and I know I don't have the stamina for itI asked my Doc to write me a letter and he wants 50 dollars to do itAny other way I can get out of it?Thanks


Usually, they have a form you fill out and send in.  You can list medical conditions on it.Also, once you get there, the judge will ask if anyone feels there's a good reason they shouldn't serve.  That's when you raise your hand.  Attorneys don't want jurors who can't give a case their full attention or make it through deliberations, so you'd likely be dismissed, anyway.One more thing.  If you didn't receive any jury summons, you wouldn't go, now would you.  (wink, wink)

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My first and only time on a jury (before MS). I came down with a bad cold or flu and the judge wouldn't let me go. I would sneeze and cough and even had to bolt from the jury box one time to throw up. She made me finish the case, refused to use an alternate. Even the baliff wanted me gone. I think the judge thought I was faking to get released. What a biatch.

On the day it begins, if you are chosen for a long case, like I was, you will have the chance to say you can"t, because of  work or whatever but a couple of smaller cases will be able to manage and then there will be no  danger of  being called again for a long  time............Sarah 

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when hubby was called he had to turn up... then they asked people if they would have a reason not to sit - he said yes he had a nursery to run and would be worrying about that all the time not focused on the case... they got rid of him...AIUI if you explain that you believe you cannot get through the case they will send you of as MacK said...   Also the medical condition will maybe get you out earlier...

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I was called my children were small and I stood up and said that I was a stay at home mom and couldn't afford the time away from my children.  He looked at me with a look and asked if i expected all the government employees to always be jurors?  He was so mean.  However, I was  not picked Yaaaa!  It was a long case too murder!Hez