27 Apr 2018

Intravenous Vitamin C?


HelloHave any of you tried intravenous vitamin C ?If so how many grams per session how often?Did it work for you?Thanks


Many on this forum use strong antibiotics synthetically produced (and we are wary of the downside of prolonged antibiotics use) but we do it to get well and we are tired of being sickSo if I had the choice of using vitamin C which is in our foods and good for us and synthetic antibiotics to kill an infection I would opt for vitamin C even if it is  synthetic and in very high doses because our bodies naturally use vitamin c to fight infectionThe question is does IV Vit C work for Cpn?That is what I am trying to find out

Antibiotics kill the microflora as well as cpn. Thats why the website sugests to take good strains of probiotics. If you have a whole in you d. Track, than you will suffer to manage it all.C Is Used to fight acidity(alkalize the body) supporting immune s. and aid in soft tissue regeneration. There are natural choices Homina and a lot safer. Lemon has plenty of pure vit C.I hope older folks can help you on this.F.

I do go for IV "Myers" or some variation of it. I can write and ask how much is exactly in there. I do know it is C, magnesium and who knows what else. Then they add b-12 and glutathione.

Thanks allRight Francisco those probiotics are helpful you can also use kombucha yoghurt kim chee to name just a few   using a combination of probiotic foods seems to be the best for me Luckypenny let us know what is in your Meyers cocktail and how it affects you

What I get in my IV bag = Vitamin C – 1.5g                        Magnesium Chloride – 1.2g                        Calcium Chloride – 300mg                        Zinc Chloride – 10mg                        Selenium – 400mcg                        Methyl cobalamin – 2mg                        Pyridoxine – 200mg                        Dexpanthenol – 500mg                        B-complex – 100mgHope this helps, Homina xo

Before Francisco, I am quite sure. This helps me alot. I have lyme. co-infections, heavy metals and CPN, so all of these contribute to the leaky gut thing. I am doing better no - L-glutamine, aloe vera and a ton of probiotics. Hope you are very well! xo

Thanks Lucky PennyHow does this make you feel ?How much do you pay?How long do you feel the benefit?Is this Myer's or Modified Myer'sThanks