27 Apr 2018

Help finding a diagnosis


Dear all,Many, many thanks to you all for putting this website together. I have had slowly progressing CFS for 20 years now, but in the last 3 years it has got significantly worse, following a collapse and hospitalization a few years ago.


Boston area doctor, anyone?

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Thanks MacKintosh for replying. I will repost when I have seen the infectious diseases specialist, hopefully soon. If I can't get anywhere then I am seriously thinking of quitting my job and going back to the UK (where I originally come from), as at least if I take a break from work there, I don't have to worry about health insurance. Maybe I can find a doctor there...


Well I have had mixed success in finding a specialist, but I did find a Lyme specialist - and they were able to do some lab tests for me. I think my GP/PCP stymied my recommendation to the infectious diseases person at Mass General - but they may not have helped me anyway. Critically I was able to get tested - and after 20 years of looking I finally found some positive infection.The Lyme specialist I am seeing thinks I have Lyme disease as well, which I guess is possible, but I need to read up more on those tests and on Lyme disease. I will post a new question on the dx forum about my test results, because I want to be certain I do have Cpn. I will keep working with the Lyme doctor - two of the drugs she is starting me on: metronidazole & azithromycin are on both the Whelden and Stratton protocols and she also has me on Cephradine, which I guess is for the Lyme. I will read up a lot more on the protocols and come back to the doctor better educated next month. I may be able to help people in the Boston area looking for a specialist in the future.