27 Apr 2018

Hello everyone! I'm confused!


Hello!I'm glad that people with similar problems are connected in society and I'm very happy that I found this place!My situation is complicated, but almost 7 years I suffer from chronic pain all over my body. Hundrets of doctor's visits and no result. 8 years ago I was treated with interferon for hepatitis infection. The resuls after that treatment was good on paper (negative pcr tests), but I developed a lot of chronic problems, and I'm still in pain.


You're in Bulgaria? Can anyone refer Nikolay to a physician, please?

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Nikolay, was the test not done through your GP?  Surely he should be treating you...............Sarah

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Thank you both, for the response. I'm from Bulgaria, yes. Unfortunately my GP is able to prescribe treatment for flu only. I had consultation with microbiologist from the National Center for Infectious Deseases and he told me that this type of bacteria is very hard to diagnose and treat, literally impossible and that he doesn'n think that i have it in chronic form. But my antibody responses, and my simptoms tells me that he is wrong. The only thing that I can do is to start self-treatment :/

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Hey …Some may think that you have a wonderful GP. GPs in general would say that they have no treatment for flu (I suppose that they could give Tamiflu). Your GP seems to only treat flu. God help any of his patients if they have anything else but flu! Weird.Many people here on these pages have just come to accept the reality that health services are just not set up to treat a whole host of illnesses; whether that be Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, CPn or many other. Many (like myself) just crack on and do the treatment in the hope of getting well.SmileG.

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