27 Apr 2018

"fluid" spots


Hello all. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this:I have a spot on my cheek that has come and gone a couple times in the past several months that is just below the cheekbone- when I open my mouth there is a noticeable difference on the two sides of my face- one side is the normal little dip and then jaw muscle -the other is a bulge that moves when I rub or manipulate it. I was rubbing on it to see if it was just sinus fluid-- and it is a good bunch. I happen to be really having a sinus reaction/NAC reaction right now too.



Hang in there, Melissa!

Treatment for Rosacea

  • CAP:  01/06-07/07
  • High-Dose Vit D3, NAC:  07/07-11/08
  • Intermtnt CAP, HDose Vit D3:  11/08-01/09
  • HDose Vit D3, Mg, Zn: 01/09-