27 Apr 2018

do i/ did i have CPN (symptoms


I am a 22 year old active male who just found out about CPN and this website. About 5 months i ago I was awoken with shortness of breath and chest pain, after going to the doctor and having a normal chest x ray and ekg (Which ive had done twice by two doctors) i just decided that i might just have anxiety issues. It should also be noted that i was working in a construction site with my uncle over the summer so that was in the back of my mind.


Welcome cpncuriousTesting is extremely unreliable for this bug.  A very simple thing to do is to get a bottle of NAC at a health food store, take 1200 mg twice a day and see your reaction to it.  If you get a return of some of your symptoms - like stuffy, runny nose, any aches, or chest involvement, that is much more reliable.  Or if you feel as though you arte getting a cold.If you are fortunate enough to get an answer, you will be catching this years and years earlier than most of us, and fix it now without having to go through what so manuy of us have done and are doing.  We love it when someone like you comes!Rica 

3/9 Symptoms returning. Began 5 abx protocol 5/9 Rifampin 600, Amox 1000, Doxy 200, MWF Azith 250, flagyl 1000 daily. Began Sept 04 PPMS EDSS 6.7 Now good days EDSS 1 Mind, like parachute, work only when open. Charlie Chan  In for the duration.&am

Appreciate that, i was reading through about the testing. But i was wondering how people on this forum got diagnosed themselves? Was it through the blood tests or anything else or was it symptoms that kept coming back? I really dont want to take any supplements at the moment as i am having trouble distinguishing my symptoms without them. Would a test for the bug be helpful if it came out positive? And what are the common complications of the "bug", ive read but have noticed most people on this forum talk about MS and i dont know if my condition has any secceptibilty to MS or if im being over worried. If the baterium strand is very common than how does it become an infection that lives in your body and wouldnt i have a fever or any symtpoms that it causes?I imagine that most people with CPN got a fever at some point and went to the doctor and are prescribed antibiotics and then realize that it keeps coming back. But with me i never got antibiotics and have just been trying to go through this with breathing techniques and with patience but i have no idea if any thing extra has been because of something like CPN because all doctors say i am fine.Ive gotten blood taken and everything returned normal, ive read that elevated levels of alkaline was a indicator but mine was like 104 so idk. I appreciate the help, if i dont have this bug then im probably just an over anxious case. Its sad that there arent any reliable tests but i do feel that since its been more than 8 weeks that maybe a IG test they talk about might be worth it. I also am puzzled as to why my docs didnt test for this? I dont know if what i has was pneumonia either. So many q's. Thanks anyway. Foot in Mouth best

In truth, what you are asking here is for us to write you a primer on cpn, its diagnosis, empirical treatment, its manifestation and its treatment and cure.  Doing that would fill a phone book.  Not to mention, all that information is already here on the site.Please read the 'getting started' tab at the top of the page. It provides the overview you are requesting here.  And, if you read the 'patient stories' section, that will tell you a lot on how people here were diagnosed/tested (or not tested at all).Testing is notoriously unreliable, which is why katman advised you to obtain NAC and do what we call the 'NAC test'. (If you are tested, and get a positive, you have it.  If you get a negative, it could well be a false negative and you might still have the disease.)  If you come down with what is referred to as NAC flu, after taking NAC, you have your answer and should probably begin antibiotic treatment as soon as possible.  NAC is not a 'supplement' that will confuse you or your symptoms; it's a viable (and valuable) self-diagnostic tool.  Dismissing it out-of-hand is shortsighted. 

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Thanks, I understand. I really have been reading here and there for the most part but am still trying to srt things out in my life. My doc did check my Vitamin D levels and told me they were low, so that could mean something, because i do get plenty of sunlight and live in a sunny climate. Hopefully I can find a doctor who knows how to test for this bug and if so hope they can help me.