27 Apr 2018



Hi all, sorry for the long message but I'm wondering whether my symptoms are similar to what any other people have experienced or if anyone can help me understand what's been going on.After 34 years of excellent health, two years ago I started waking with a tired feeling in my legs, similar to the feeling you get the day after over-exercising. After a few months I started getting really fatigued and developed a redness on my face.


Hi!Lyme is very difficult to possitively diagnose.  Lyme is not like CPn (just one of 'em).  Lyme is far more complicated than CPn.  Antitbiotics are relatively easy to get hold of.  If you think you have Lyme, then start getting the abx down you AND KEEP TAKING THEM.  The other thing I'd recommend is to go for the herbs too.  I take Teasel Root Tincture.  Take a look at this video and others like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZjWZ3vK1bcRegards,G.

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 Thanks G, will definitely look into this in the future.I'm concentrating on getting over Cpn first, cause I've tested positive for it. My troubles all started after I was bitten by a tick in an endemic area though, so I haven't fully discounted a Lyme co-infection. 

That was very interesting even if you don't have Lyme.  Her thoughts on the body healing and the time it takes was relevant to us healing from Cpn damage as well.thanks for sharing G. 

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I agree with Sharon and I was fascinated by her eyes and facial expressions..................................Sarah

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