27 Apr 2018

CPN Positive IgG


HelloI have been tested for CPN in Australia with the following results:C.pneumonie IgG PositiveC.pneumonie IgA NegativeC.pneumonie IgM NegativeI have noticed other people posting test results that have a value, this is not provided in Australia.I have have been through testing for MS which has been negative at this stage, although I feel like I have it, my doctor is saying CFS now.What does this test result mean for CPN now? My doctor says testing IgG positive is common, so I'm too sure this test helps without specific values.ThanksMark


Hi Mark,I just got my serology back with exactly the same results. Without knowing just how "positive" the positive result is, it's a bit hard to draw any conclusions from it.Anyone?Cheers,Graeme