Submitted by Jim K on Thu, 2008-12-25 10:00

To do a Google search of use the following links. Just put your search term in and hit "return" on your keyboard (thanks to Norman for implementing the search boxes).    Cpnhelp site search for: Cpnhelp blog search for: Cpnhelp forum search for: Cpn Handbook search for: The handbook search won't find everything in the handbook since not all handbook items are coded as such... long story.


Well done Supa!

Am I the only one who has lost the page which used to show all recent posts, both forum and blog posts? It disappeared from my menu some time during the last week or do. It had been my homepage all these years, as the best way to see what was going on. I admit to being completely lost here now. Trying to look for and fathom if there have been any posts has become too challenging.

Sarah - I did see some messages from you a while back, but every time I tried to view them it logged me out, so I never managed to reach them. Sorry!

Bo, forget about messages for a few days: the site is still in dev mode and messaging is being worked on. I can see about 18 recent posts on the right hand column of the Forum page, with about 10 comments below.

I can see Recent Content and Recent Comments at the bottom, but don't really find going through those a terribly user friendly way to see what is going on and who is posting. The page which has recently gone missing, which I have been using, was the equivalent of the Recent Posts page we had on the old site. It was slightly annoying, as posts were no longer bumping threads to the top of the list, as they used to. But still a good page to use. Perhaps I was the only one using it, if no one else has noticed it has disappeared recently.

Yes, the recent comments button was there after we moved to Drupal. The old site didn't have anything called "Recent comments". Many things I think have been renamed.

Sadly, I don't have any screenshots of the old site that we could make a comparison of.

Last night, I started another new pulse; 5 years and a day after starting my first pulse. I used to rely on cpnhelp as an online diary / journal to log my progress and events: sadly, no more.

I think that this is pulse 55. I not really sure though.

I have a screen shot of the Recent Posts page on the old site, which I took to keep a note of all my bookmarks there. That page was my constant companion through many difficult years. I'm surprised that no one else seems to have noticed the recent disappearance of its nearest equivalent here. Hope your pulse is a successful one, Supa!

If you click on Forum, on your phone it is directly below the Forum banner, on the left hand side of the screen. It isn't a button but I am looking at in on my phone. If you can't see it, try turning off your phone and restarting it.

I won't be around much for a day or so because I have Violin Shop accounts to do.

Bo, I realise now that I am totally guilty about doing that: I was trying to cut down on duplications on the Homepage. Who knows, if I cut down the three columns to two and widen the window slightly I might be able to bring it back but don't bank on it!