27 Apr 2018
Julie M

Questions from a newbie


Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Cpn and Mycoplasma. My test result for Cpn IgG was 2:54 and IgA was 0.882. Obviously positive but as far as results go are they really high? What levels do other people on here have? I have only been on Doxy and Azithromycin and NAC 590mg twice daily, for 4 days now but as yet feel no negative affects. Does it take a while for these drugs to kick in? I keep waiting to see if I will get those horrible flu like symptoms that everyone else seems to get. Thanks I would love to get some feedback. Great informative site.cheers from Julie in Brisbane


You may be disappointed. Cool  Few have horrible flu-like symptoms. Mostly, it's a subtle feeling as if the flu may be coming on, like achey muscles, runny nose or feeling feverish without really having a fever.  More people have little to no reaction to treatment; a minority have big dramatic experiences.Regardless, the effects are cumulative.  You may think you'te having no reactions, then - wham - you're knocked flat.  It's early days, so just be grateful you're feeling so well right now. 

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