27 Apr 2018

Cpn testing


For anyone needing this information - blood testing for Chlamydia Pneumonia is no longer available in Ontario, Canada.


Mia, I am sure that many people will find this page very useful..................................Sarah

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Useful information... thank you. I am also in Ontario, Canada. they only do PCR test here now.I sent my blood to IGenex for IgG and IgA.  Fortunately  it was a clear positive.The cost, I think, was around $200 CDN .... how does that compare with the cost in Germany ?


their current price list in Euros is on page 10 of this document:http://www.b-c-a.de/fileadmin/img/bca/Pat_Infos/6b_Infectolab_Borrelios… got it off their clinic's website in Ausburg, Germany (also it was sent with my testkit)http://www.b-c-a.de/index.php?id=118&L=1the Chlamydia trachomatis Elispot LTT test they offer in Germany is unfortunately not yet available at IgeneX USAvery nice people at this lab and clinic take good care everyone

they have a price list on line I think! If not if you email them they will provide one... That is what I done. The tests are ok price wise, I found the courier bill the expensive part of the bill! 

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i actually used german laboratory for testing my father's blood samples. we used services of arminlabs laboratory, and the owner dr schwarzbach is very helpful in giving advices and suggestions. he formerly worked in infectolab as a manager, but now he runs a laboratory on his own. mrs andrea foag now works as his assistant in arminlabs. i believe they are even a bit cheaper than infectolab.if there was no dr schwarzbach, i would never had the idea of performin a test for Cpn infection. They all speak english language, so none of you will have any problems contacting them.http://www.arminlabs.com/endasha

Do you have any details of the spin-off of the Armin Labs? My impression was that Dr Nicolaus and Dr Schwarzbach were much partners at BCA/Infectolab, running the clinic, and the lab, respectively?Please PM information that is not appropriate for posting in the public area.Thanks!

Borrelia/Cpn arthritis: joint, skin, eye, CNS, respiratory, UG involvment; fatigue. Borrelia: Clinical, Elisa&WB IgG, and CPn IgG and IgA pos, HLA-B27 neg. (2010). CAP 5/9/2010 -> 3/2016 2017: some signs and symptoms returning, Borrelia?