27 Apr 2018

Abx advice


Hi guys,I'm just looking for some advice.  My mum who also suffers from MS has been taking NAC for the last 2 months and is just about to start the antibiotics.  She currently uses a walker to get around the house but uses a mobility scooter when outdoors.


When it's time to pulse, she only needs to do one day the first month, and keep to that until she's ready to do 2 days...etc. That's the way it's suppose to be. Slowly adding a day each next month until she reaches 5 and then maintaining that. She can work up to 5 as slowly as she likes. But for her to get better, she does need to kill the Cpn and accept the temporary worsening that comes with it. Maybe when she starts to have some good glimmers she'll feel more confident.

We generally advise people to start slow when pulsing.  One pill, maybe a second pill and that's fine.  Lots of antioxidants will help minimize inflammation.p.s. Tell her everyone does not go downhill.  Several of us can attest to that.  BUT, if she does, people here will help her through it.

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